When You Think Your Doodles aren’t “Good Enough”

When you are just beginning to learn to draw, it’s very important to draw as much as possible. Don’t dismiss your doodles and sketches as “not good enough”.

Not good enough for what?

You’re learning!

Simple Inspiration

When You Think Your Doodles aren't "Good Enough"

Sometimes the simplest things around us, while boring as subject, can still provide us with easy sketching material.

Take a latte mug, for example.

The shape is simple; the surface is smooth, and by sketching and painting this mug in my sketchbook, I can practice my skills on something less challenging than sketching a live turkey or a tree full of branches.

Drawing Subjects are All Around You

Draw those things around you, remembering to observe the object before you ever put pencil to paper.

Look closely at it. Observation is one of the most important skills you’ll ever develop as a new artist.

Note the edges, and the intersections of the edges with other edges. Note the way light reflects off of the object, or the way other things reflect onto the object. In the actual world, light bounces off of everything, onto other things, causing the colors of the first object to reflect onto other objects.

Look carefully. Your mind may tell you that this is just a white coffee mug, and so it may tempt you to reach for the white tube of paint. Don’t. It may be a white mug, but really the colors change based on what it’s sitting on or sitting near.