What Makes a Mobile-Friendly Website?

A mobile-friendly website is any website that works well on mobile devices.

This has become a huge issue in the last several years because of the growth of smartphones and tablets. Smartphone users are all familiar with the struggle of trying to read a site that doesn’t function on a small screen.

As any smartphone user can tell you, the experience of searching for information or shopping online from a smartphone is only as fabulous as the design of the sites you visit. To put it another way: sites that don’t work well on smartphones make what should be convenient into a frustrating experience.

Responsive Website vs. Mobile-Friendly Website

What makes a mobile friendly website?

First off, let’s talk about the basic difference between a website that is just mobile-friendly versus a site that is said to be responsive.

What’s the difference?

Mobile-friendly websites function well no matter what size screen you’re looking at it.  The main difference between a responsive website design (like this one you’re visiting right now) and a mobile-friendly website is this.

Responsive design changes based on whatever size screen you’re using. This is a more customized experience.

A mobile-friendly website, in contrast, is static (that is, it doesn’t change). The content and layout don’t change based on the screen size. Because of this, it works well no matter what the screen size. This feat is usually achieved with a minimalist layout, content, and navigation.

So, responsive design is mobile-friendly in that it works well on all devices, but it does this by adapting to the screen. True mobile-friendly website design is just a simple design that doesn’t change but still looks great.

Does that make sense?

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Need Help Getting a Responsive or Mobile-Friendly Website?

What makes a website Mobile-friendly?
A mobile friendly website is any website that works well on mobile devices

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