Using Time Wisely: We’re Stewards of the Same 24 Hours

When talking about using time wisely, we need to keep this in mind. We all exercise stewardship over the same 24 hours per day.

As moms, we manage these same 24 hours when we work for pay. We govern these same 24 hours when we raise a family and manage the home. Each of us must make the most of that time we have with our little ones because children don’t stay little forever.

The greatest challenge raising young children involved time. Babies and toddlers don’t always follow your schedule and your plans. Using time wisely in those days involves managing the moments you can and enjoying the rest.

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These times teach us to slow down and enjoy life’s little pleasures through the eyes of a child. We need only move past the frustrations.

Were stewards of the same 24 hours

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Still, work has to get done. Little fairies don’t do your housework or mine, though wouldn’t it be nice?

Here’s my top 4 list of  using time wisely for moms of young ones:

If you look at your time, life and work as having “all day” to do it, your work will take you all day.

This may seem silly, but I make it a point to not let housework take me past noon. When I homeschooled, I managed housework between 1 pm and 4 pm. I took care of business-related tasks during this time too.

Working in batches is key for you using time wisely.

Bottom line: I don’t want to spend all day long working on housework or at writing, but enjoying my family. This only happens when I have clear work boundaries.

Life Happens to the best of plans, so you need to be flexible with your Time

You must structure your schedule enough to give you a regular routine. Life can be unpredictable, so don’t be too rigid. Keep your schedule flexible enough to handle unexpected situations.

There’s a balance we strive after between structure and flexibility. This way, we can bless others as the opportunity arises, while not living in chaos.

Schedule in some Fun Time

Teaching moments, special times and memory making events don’t always happen by accident. You plan for these special events, or you’ll find they never happen.

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I love that scene in the movie “The Incredibles” with the neighbor kid. Mr. Incredible suffers stress over the turn his life has taken. A little neighbor child is in the driveway, and he asks the boy, “What are you waiting for?” The boy answers, “I dunno. Something amazing.” Mr. Incredible answers, “Me too, kid, me too.”

We often wait around for cool things to happen.  We repeat, “In a few days, as soon as I get this done, when I am finished with __, then we will do ___.” You have to decide to make time for the fun stuff.

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Make the Fun Time Happen

You know what I mean? Sometimes you have to just make it happen.

Using time wisely: We're stewards of the same 24 hours

Decide to read through your local community calendar online. Decide to take the kids to an exhibit, to go to a fair, or to go to a program at the Library. You have to write it into your planner in pen!

Sometimes you have to say, “On Thursday, we are going to go to the park.” “Tomorrow we are going to do that craft activity at exactly 2 pm.”

Don’t let the fun stuff happen “whenever you find the time”. All that important, boring stuff that you do may always get in the way until your kids are 18.

My family owned a cabin when I was growing up, right up the road from a lake. We spend many weekends with just one more thing to do and then we’ll go to the lake. As you might imagine, many weekends we didn’t see the lake at all. Here I am, 40 some years later, and I still remember that!

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Again, in using time wisely there are two miles of ditch for every mile of highway. Don’t just schedule the fun stuff and forget the not so fun. Keep it balanced.

You will find there’s a lot more time in your life if you shut off the TV, put down your phone, and log off from Social Media.

I have a love-hate relationship with the television.

I would rather not have one, not because I don’t like it, but because I do.

When I sit down to watch something I have a hard time pulling myself away, and thus I’d rather not start at all.

Children can learn their ABC’s without Bert and Ernie on all the time.

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Social Media is great, and Smartphones are amazing. But remember life is happening in your own house, under your roof, right now. Be Present.

We are all stewards of the same 24 hours.

I don’t get more than you, and you don’t get more than me. The substance of each of our lives are those minutes and moments that add together to hours, days, weeks, months, years.

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As a mom of 5 adult children, trust me on this. Time really does fly. Make the most of yours, because we can never get it back once it’s gone.

Time really does fly. Make the most of yours. We can never get it back once it's gone. Click To Tweet


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