Learn and Grow with your Website

The best part about websites is how fluid the whole thing is, as opposed to being “one and done”. You are not stuck forever with your choices or mistakes. Do-overs on the internet aren’t too difficult.

When it comes to your website, it’s important to be always analyzing how your visitors are finding your website and using your website. This is done through programs like Google Analytics, which is free.

As a website owner, you can use Google Analytics to set goals and sales funnels for your website to see if your visitors are taking the actions you want them to take, or if there is a drop-off point somewhere along the way. Why does this matter? If you are losing people regularly at a certain point in the conversion or check-out process, you’ll know to look carefully at that spot for problems to fix or content to make clearer.

By looking at how different pages and articles are received by your audience, and whether or not people click on to make a purchase, you can plan out future content — creating more of what works, and fixing what doesn’t.

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