The Value of a User-Friendly Website

In my younger years, I always made things far more complicated than they needed to be. There’s something to be said for making things easy — easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to navigate, easy to understand.

Easy is good, especially when it comes to your website.

Ideally, your website should be both user-friendly to your target audience — the people you are trying to reach and sell to — and user-friendly to whoever is tasked with keeping it updated. Google and other search engines use different factors to judge the “usability” of a website (that is, how user-friendly it is) when deciding whether or not to share a website as a top result

One way to help your customers have an easier time using your website is to make sure it is mobile-friendly. You want your website to be easy to use and read while on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

You can also make a website more user-friendly by organizing your content in a simple, logical way.

A CMS like WordPress will make your website more user-friendly for whoever is updating and maintaining it. WordPress is not just for blogs but can power any kind of website with relative ease.

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