The Tools of Website Ownership

To start your own website, you’ll need certain tools in place. However I can’t stress enough — always start with well thought out, goal-driven and keyword-optimized content. This will give your website the best odds for success. Understanding what your target audience is likely searching for when looking for a business like yours will help you figure out the best keywords to use on your site, and it will help you in the following steps too.

Your domain name is one of the first things you’ll purchase for your website. A domain name is usually purchased alongside your web hosting. Think of web hosting like renting office space, and the domain name is the address. Your domain name is your “”, although there are many other domain suffixes available now (including .art, .work, .us, .faith, or .me to name a few).

In terms of optimizing your site so that the search engines will show your site to people searching, choosing a domain name is very important. You’ll want a domain name that is easy to spell and easy to remember, and preferably with a good keyword relating to your website in it.

When it comes to web hosting and domain names, I love Namecheap! Here’s why I recommend them to all my clients and use them myself.

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