First things first: Planning a website

Instead of diving into your website project too fast, take some time to think through your strategy and goals.

Designing a website (or paying someone to design it for you) is not the first step, believe it or not!

The crucial first step to your website project is creating content that will engage your target audience(How to figure out who your audience is and what they need) and will help drive traffic to your website with keywords (What are keywords why are they important) and search engine optimization (How do I improve my search engine ranking on a budget). Read more about why content comes first.

Oh, you thought your website was a vehicle for marketing and advertising? I’m afraid not. (Websites aren’t marketing tools) Although a website can help you grow your business, a website isn’t like placing an ad, creating a commercial, or advertising in the telephone books of old. A website itself needs to be marketed, as I wrote about here. (8 tips on getting started marketing your website)

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