Two Ways to Make Some Money with Zazzle

I’ve become very excited about Zazzle in recent years. I love that I’m able to make some money on the side with Zazzle without too much extra time and effort.

In fact, I now have several Zazzle stores for different niches, including gifts for coffee lovers and gifts for book lovers. These help me make some money to help with the family budget.  I’ve hit the rank of Pro Seller now that I’ve made enough sales, and I keep growing in this little side hustle of mine.

Two simple ways to make some money with Zazzle

There are two basic ways to make money on Zazzle.

  • Create Designs to Put on Zazzle Products
  • Promote the Zazzle Designs and Products of Others

Make Some Money Selling your own Zazzle Designs

To get started:

  • Sign up for a Zazzle Account
  • Open a Zazzle Store in some Niche Market that you’re passionate about
  • Create Some Designs
  • and Upload them to Products.

To improve your chances of selling to more than just your mom, I recommend:

Doing Your Research

Browse Zazzle. See what sells. Look at the profiles of those who Zazzle highlights as featured designers (at the bottom of the home page, click on “designers”).

The best-selling items on Zazzle are the ones that people can personalize and customize for themselves.

Cards, Invitations, announcements, and such seem to do best.

My best-selling product is customizable labels for the kitchen, although I sell all of my t-shirts steady too. My labels, according to Zazzle, have made me the most money.

Visit the Forum

Zazzle has a Forum for Zazzlers who are trying to make some money on Zazzle. They want you to succeed too. When you make some money, they make some money. Make sense?

You can visit the forum for Zazzler Designers here.

Get the Word Out

Share your designs far and wide. This isn’t necessary, but it helps.

I hit Pro Seller with no promotion. In fact, I had given up on Zazzle as I wrote here, and then suddenly realized I was making some money on Zazzle. It still baffles me. It was a happy surprise, though.

Obviously, I sell even more when I promote on social media. I automate much of my social media with programs like Social Jukebox. You can find out more here. 

Practice Good SEO

Just as what I’ve written about SEO in other parts of this website (using good keywords, thinking like a potential visitor, etc.), use good Keywords and SEO practices when setting up your Zazzle store and each Zazzle Product. Remember that Titles are prime real estate, so use good keywords in the title. Then use great keywords in the description of designs too.  Finally, great keywords in the tags at the bottom, thinking like someone who might look for this product but doesn’t know what it’s called.

Two ways to make some money on Zazzle.

I would also recommend looking at the Holidays listed in the product listing drop-downs. If I design for specific holidays and events, I get more hits. This also helps with my marketing efforts. I would do whatever you can to get as specific as possible when you set up each product.

I have a free printable PDF of this list of Holidays, Events, and Recipients for Zazzle Products here.

Each word you write when creating your products is another opportunity for a customer to find your product and buy it. So be wise with each word.

Make Some Money Promoting the Designs of Others on Zazzle

So, what happens if you’re not much of an artist or you don’t want to bother with creating designs?

You can still make money with Zazzle!


By signing up for the Associate’s program (Zazzle’s Affiliate program), and promoting the products of others. Once you’re signed up, if you share the products right from the product page while you’re logged in, you’re Associate’s code will be in the link already.

Otherwise, you can go to your account and click on the Associate’s Tab. Under that Associate’s tab, you’ll find more detailed instructions for creating associate links.

You don’t even need a website of your own, although that helps. You can promote products on social media like Facebook and Pinterest. 

Two ways to make some money on Zazzle