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The Flexibility of Working from Home

Of all the benefits of running a home-based business side hustle, I think the flexibility is what I love the best.

Sometimes when I talk to moms who are thinking of working from home or working some kind of side hustle for a little extra money, they get hung up on The Schedule.

Let me tell you something very freeing.

The Flexibility of working from home

Ya listening?

The Schedule is whatever you need it to be. 

I am not sure why, but many of my entrepreneurial minded sisters (and brothers), when writing posts and books about home business success, usually bring up the bane of my existence: waking up early to get a jump on the day.

Hey, if you’re feeling more alive at 7 am than at 7 pm, go for it.  Wake up early. Work at whatever hour you are most productive. Flexibility, honey.

I’m not feeling too alive at 7 am. I’m usually either sleeping soundly or hitting the snooze at that hour.

The flexibility of working from home. Be flexible in your schedule.

When you work from home, completing the tasks that don’t require appointments or phone calls, you can do your work at any hour you feel most comfortable with.

Flexibility. It’s a beautiful thing.

You can also work in your jammies. I do sometimes.

Either that or jeans and a t-shirt. I have jeans on at the moment, but it’s only because I’m awaiting repair people. It’s good to have pants on when repair people come to your door.

The Flexibility of Working from Home

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