How to Figure Out Who Your Audience is, and What They Need

I’m convinced that the secret to home business (or any business) success is to first and foremost, figure out who your audience is, and what they need.

Why is this?

How to figure out who your target audience is and what they need

Once you know who your target audience is, you can

  • better tailor your content to that audience
  • develop products and services that meet the needs of your audience
  • customize your marketing messages to your audience where they’re at

This goes hand in hand with figuring out what your niche is and what the purpose of your business is.

Normally, people think that by marketing to “everyone” they have a greater chance of success when actually the opposite is true.

So how do you figure out who your audience is?

1 – Know your Mission and Yourself

To figure out who your audience is, you need to first know why your blog, website, or business exists. What is the mission? What is it there to do?

(Don’t say, “to make me money.” That may be why you even considered starting this, but that isn’t the mission of your business venture…it’s ideally the result of fulfilling the mission).

In your mind, as you fulfill your mission, who are you serving? Who is helped by what you’re offering?

This is the start of your target audience.

2 – Figure Out Your Audience’s Motivations and Needs

In thinking of the people you’re serving, start to consider what motivates them.

  • What do they need most?
  • What challenges in life are they facing that your organization can help solve?
  • What knowledge do you have that they need?
  • What skills do you have that can help them?

The answers to these questions can help you develop not only better content for your audience, but also future services and products. This may also help you figure out why some products just aren’t performing well, or which content and products to consider ditching.

3 – Do These Things Fit Together?

The hardest part, at least for me, is figuring out whether or not these things — my mission, my products, my content, my target audience, their needs, their motivations — all fit together.

And if they don’t, what needs to change?


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For example, you can’t market high-end fashion advice and products (including affiliate products) if your mission is encouraging contentment and your target audience are moms trying to learn how to be more frugal. One of these things does not fit. If you’re going to market high-end fashion, your target audience needs to change. And if you’re writing about contentment, while promoting high-end fashion advice and products to an audience that loves high-end stuff, they are going to stop reading. People who love luxuries don’t want to hear sermons on minimalism and contentment.

Recently, one of the pages I’ve “liked” and follow on Facebook shared some pretty good content that was not in line with their brand or mission. I didn’t mind so much as I found the two posts they shared interesting, though I did find it curious that they did this.

The other commenters under the post were far less forgiving, demanding to know why they were posting “irrelevant” stuff. Ouch.

Once you determine your audience and your mission/content niche, try to stick as much to the topic as is possible.

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