What is Zazzle?

Zazzle is a Print-on-Demand company. It allows designers to put their own unique custom designs on a wide range of products. This includes T-shirts, labels, cards, wedding invitations, tote bags, and more.

Print-On-Demand means an item can be printed one at a time, as the orders come in. This is different from traditional manufacturing.  A designer doesn’t need to create a huge inventory of products at the start and hopefully sell them.

With print-on-demand, a designer can test out a product idea without waste. Manufacturers and publishers take a big risk when they publish or manufacture a large run of any book or product. Using print on demand companies like this is a great way to test out product ideas for designers.

Making Money with Zazzle

I’ve written articles on Thoughts and Designs about Zazzle. In particular, I write about how to use it to make some extra money. You can also find unique, custom products to meet your needs.

What is Zazzle?

What is Zazzle?

What is Zazzle? In short, Zazzle is an online print-on-demand company whose mission is “to give people the power to make anything imaginable”. Zazzle is an online marketplace where designers can sell their designs on a vast selection of products that automatically shop to customers from Zazzle. This is a great win-win for both customers …

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What is print on demand and how does it work?

What is Print-On-Demand?

What is Print-on-demand? Print-On-Demand is a publishing and manufacturing process where creators print items one at a time, as the orders come in. This differs from traditional manufacturing, where you create a huge inventory of items, then hope they sell. One of the biggest benefits of print-on-demand is being able to test out a product …

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