Zazzle Designs

In the posts below, I highlight my Zazzle Designs. As a designer, I am thankful for the opportunity to provide you with some wonderful, unique designs on products.

Below you can see my most recent designs I’ve created for Zazzle, and read more about what inspired me to create these designs. I have put my designs on products such as t-shirts, mugs, and labels.

Did You Know You Can Customize my Zazzle Designs?

You can customize most of these products with my designs to some extent. This includes adding names for specific events and groups to the designs. For example, a retreat used my Mother Teresa quote design Tshirts with the date and name of their retreat.

If you’re interested in having a particular design modified to create a custom product for you, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to customize any of my unique Zazzle designs to meet a demand for my customers. I am also available for custom design work. You can find out more about my design services here.

Round customizeable art deco bookplate

Bookplate Design: Round Art Deco Style Personalized Bookplate

This round art deco style bookplate sticker has the words “From the Library of….” and allows for customization with your name on the bookplates. This makes a great gift for the readers in your life. These labels help to keep your home library organized. They also remind those you’ve lent books to where they came […]

But First, Coffee T-shirt Design

But First, Coffee (Zazzle Design)

It’s something you hear often in our house: But first, Coffee! I finally designed some graphics and swag to celebrate the sentiment. I designed a cup with the words, “But first, coffee” with a starburst pattern in the background and the words in a typewriter font. You can find this design on all sorts of […]

I read past my bedtime. Zazzle Design on Gifts for Readers and book lovers.

I Read Past My Bedtime

This design was made for those who love to stay up late reading, but it’s also a sort of confession. Those days I don’t get to bed early enough, I’ve probably stayed up late reading. I often read past my bedtime. What do I read? Well, I mostly love reading self-help and motivational books these […]

The World Belongs to Those Who Read. Design by Kimberly Eddy of Thoughts and Designs

The World Belongs to Those who Read

This design in my Zazzle Reader Swag store makes for the perfect book bag for trips to the library or bookstore for the book lover in your life! I don’t just have it on book bags though. This design, “The World Belongs to Those who Read”, is also found on t-shirts, magnets, pins, and hoodies. […]

Some Days you make the espresso and some days the espresso makes you

Design: Some Days You Make the Espresso, and Some Days the Espresso Makes You

You know what they say? Some days you make the espresso, and some days the espresso makes you. I have to confess. Coffee really is a huge part of the secret to my success. That’s why I created an entire store in the Zazzle Marketplace dedicated to coffee and coffee lovers. This store has all […]

Love is in the Air and it Smells Like Coffee

Love is in the Air (and it smells like coffee) (DESIGN)

I already mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve divided up my Zazzle designs into separate stores, to make it easier for my customers to find what they’re looking for. There was simply too many different topics represented in one Zazzle store.  One of my new niche Zazzle stores you’ll find under my Zazzle Profile […]

holocaust remembrance day pin

“We Remember; Never Forget” Holocaust Remembrance Day

One of the most moving things I saw while I traveled through Europe as a younger woman was my visit to the various sites of the Holocaust. Though these sites were horrifying, I’m thankful I saw them live and in person. Auschwitz. The Jewish Quarter in Prague (including the museum and graveyard). Dachau. The memorials […]

Not Paint Water Coffee Mug for Artists

Not Paint Water Mug for Artists

The struggle is real for artists. How many times have artists accidentally grabbed the paint water instead of the coffee? Here’s the perfect mug for the artists in your life, with a clever icon design that reads “Not Paint Water” on the mug. This coffee mug and other items in my Zazzle Store make great […]

Gifts for Coffee Lovers. Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's the caffeine

Design: Maybe She’s Born with it; Maybe it’s Caffeine!

I’ve recently created a new Zazzle store, centered around the theme of one of my passions: Coffee. The theme of the store is quotes, sayings, and designs that would make great gifts for the coffee lovers in your life (even if you’re just buying it for yourself too, of course). I’d like to share some […]

Vote as if your ballot determines nothing except the content of your character

Design: What Your Vote Really Shows

I’m excited about a new design I’ve created. This graphic features the words, “Vote as if your ballot determines nothing except the shape of your own character.” A great reminder for us all. Voting may be our civic duty, but it’s not always easy. Figuring out how to best vote can be a challenge. I […]

Bumper Sticker Design: Keep Calm and Read to a Child

Bumper Sticker Design: Keep Calm and Read to a Child

Do you read to the kids in your life? Many of our happiest memories as a family include reading times. As a result, we all have positive memories associated with books. I am a huge believer in promoting literacy and reading to children. One of my passions is getting kids excited about reading. After all, reading […]

Not the elephant nor the donkey but the Lamb of God

Design: Not the Elephant or Donkey, but the Lamb

The question is simple enough. Who do you put your trust in? Sometimes, as a Christian, I need the reminder that my loyalties are not to a political party or group, but rather to the Lamb of God Himself. This is truer now than ever before. Lamb of God Bumper Sticker Design This is actually the […]

Art Nouveau Style Herb and Spice Jar Labels

Art Nouveau Style Herb and Spice Jar Labels

I’ve posted before about some of my herb and spice jar label styles that I’ve created. I have some that you can print off for free on my website, and I have others that can be purchased pre-printed from Zazzle. This saves you some printer ink and the hassle of printing your spice jar labels […]

Jugendstil Art Nouveau Style Canning Jar Labels Personalized

Jugendstil Style Personalized Canning Jar Labels

These attractive square canning jar labels feature a retro art deco style decorative frame and the words “homegrown goodies”. The larger area can be left blank or filled with custom words. I also have other kitchen labels available both on this site and on the Thoughts and Designs Zazzle Store. Art Deco Retro Vintage Canning […]

Motherhood. Fueled by Love. Sustained by Coffee

Motherhood: Fueled by Love, Sustained by Coffee

Mothering our kiddos is a tough job, as any mom knows. Love may fuel us, but it’s the coffee that keeps us going most days when we’re too tired to think. Share the love and laughs of motherhood with one of the moms in your life with this coffee mug that reads: Motherhood. Fueled by […]

Starry Sky Theme Personalized Graduation Products

Starry Sky Personalized Graduation Collection

Celebrate your graduate with these personalized graduation products for your graduation party. These products, available in the Thoughts and Designs Zazzle Store, are designed with a starry sky theme, perfect for any graduate who is passionate about science, astronomy, or just loves nature. The cups can be personalized with the graduate’s name and class year. […]

Motherhood is an Extreme Sport

Motherhood is an Extreme Sport

I created this design, which you can find on products in my Thoughts & Designs Zazzle Store, based on something a friend used to say to me. I felt so completely out of my element doing the mom thing, and she looked right at me and said, It’s not for the faint of heart. Motherhood […]

Design: Tune my Heart to Sing thy grace

Design: Tune My Heart to Sing Thy Grace

Ever get the words to a sing stuck in your head? Sometimes when that happens to me, if I can’t shake it loose, or don’t want to shake it loose, I use those words as design inspiration. I try to take them and create a design with them. Case in point is this graphic I’ve […]

Groovy Custom family vacation trip tshirt template designs

Groovy Family Road Trip T-shirt Designs

Are you preparing to go on a groovy family vacation? Even if you don’t have your own retro VW caravan Bus to camp in, you can still show off your style with these matching custom family trip tees, with a stylized VW camper graphic on them. Easily customize these t-shirts with your family’s name and […]

Customized Family Vacation Tshirts with a retro style mixed tape cassette graphic

Road Trip Mixed Tape Family Tshirts

Looking for a clever, retro style t-shirt to order for your next family vacation? These custom t-shirts can have your unique name and the year of your vacation on them. The graphic is a retro style cassette tape from the 1980s that reads, “Road Trip Mix Tape”. These family trip tees come in a variety […]

Custom 2 sided rustic wood look Graduation Invitation and Announcement Template

Rustic Style Graduation Announcements that can be Personalized!

Getting ready to graduate my fifth child from high school, you might say I’m old hat at the whole “graduation open house” thing. Naturally, this grew towards me creating graduation announcements over at Zazzle that can be customized for your graduate. On the front, you have the information regarding the graduation party and your graduate. […]

Dove graphic by Kimberly Eddy with the Words of the Peace Prayer of St Francis instruments of peace

Instruments of Peace: Dove Graphic with the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

When I was growing up, one of the few “religious” things that I remember that touched me and influenced me deeply was the words to the Prayer of St. Francis. I don’t know what it is about this particular “prayer” or quote, but to me, I feel as though it expresses my own desire to […]

An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered GK Chesterton

Embracing the Adventure of Inconveniences

Ah, more wisdom from our friend G.K. Chesterton. I’ve been working on some lettering and graphic skills while simultaneously using quotes as inspiration as of late. Don’t Mess with Momma’s Plans This particular quote has long been an inspiration and a challenge to me. Why? Because, my friends, you can ask anyone at all, especially […]

God's comfort Bible Verse KJV Hand Lettered illustrated vintage style cameo silhouette of a woman

Illustrated Bible Verse: Psalm 94:19

I recently created this image of one of my favorite verses from a few years ago. The verse is from Psalm 94:19. It reads, “In the multitude of my thoughts within me, Thy comforts delight my soul.” An Encouraging Bible Quote in Foreclosure Purgatory God had really used this verse in my life several years […]

The Riddles of God are More Satisfying than the Solutions of Man GK Chesterton

The Riddles of God are More Satisfying than the Solutions of Man

Lately, I’ve spent quite a bit of time working on designs that involve quotes. To be honest, I seem to do that more than anything else. For years, I couldn’t quite figure out what it was about letters that fascinated me. Now I’ve come to view typography and lettering as just another facet of design. […]

Free Art Nouveau Children's Bookplates

Free Printable Children’s Art Nouveau Style Bookplate

I’m a huge proponent of reading to children, as frequently as possible, starting as young as possible. As a result, I have created several great bookplates to share with you for your own personal library. I wanted to do them on a full sheet like I did with the kitchen labels I made for canning, herbs […]

Free Printable Art Deco style bookplates

Free Printable Art Deco Style Bookplate Graphics

As a lifelong book lover and hoarder collector, I’m always looking for great ways to label my books, beyond just writing my name on the front cover (though I’ve done that too). I love the look and feel of old fashioned vintage bookplates, which is why I designed my own. I have several designs on this site. […]

Free Printable Jugendstil Style Bookplate Design

We’re all book hoarders in our household here. That’s why I’ve created several different styles of bookplates to attractively label my book collection when lending them out. These hand drawn vector graphic bookplates feature a Jugendstil, Art Nouveau style frame based on common motifs of this art movement. The words Ex Libris (latin for “From […]

Michigan: God's own personal high five

Michigan: God’s High Five

Back when my daughter, Isobel, was little, and she was starting to understand geography and maps, she was fascinated with our own home state of Michigan. I asked her once what she thought it looked like (the answer we were going for was, “a mitten”). Her answer? “I think it looks like God’s own personal […]

Free printable art deco style menu planner in pink

Pink Art Deco Menu Plan for Monthly Menus

This free Art Deco Menu Planner in hot pink is perfect for downloading and using for planning your menu for an entire month, saving you big money. I like to have mine laminated so that I can reuse it with wet erase (vis a vis) markers. The lovely Art Deco Menu Line art was created […]

10 Simple Steps Through the Bible

A few years ago, I started taking classes with Faith Bible Institute out of Monroe, LA (our church has a satellite school). One of the most helpful parts of the whole 3-year course was the opening lesson on 10 steps through the Bible.  Basically, it provided a brief, but helpful, overview of the chronology of […]

Dietrich Bonhoffer on Being a Christian

Dietrich Bonhoffer on Being a Christian

Dietrich Bonhoeffer once said, “Being a Christian is less about cautiously avoiding sin, than about courageously and actively doing God’s will.” I had forgotten all about that quote until recently when my eldest daughter emailed me a doc file full of quotes she’s amassed over the years. Instantly, inspiration hit. Though I had other things […]

Free printable classical style monthly menu planner by Kimberly Eddy

Free, Printable Classical Baroque Style Monthly Menu Planner

This free Vintage monthly menu planner is perfect for downloading and using for planning your menu for an entire month, saving you big money. I like to have mine laminated so that I can reuse it with wet erase (vis a vis) markers, or you can stick it in a frame. Write directly on the […]