What is Wordpress? It is a free, open-source content management system available for website owners and bloggers. It is being updated all the time.

Many people mistakenly believe that Wordpress is only for blogging. Yet it is so much more than that.

The flexibility of WordPress allows you to use it for pretty much any kind of website imaginable. There are thousands of free themes and plugins to help you create the website you need with it.

Easily Manage Your Website with Wordpress

It is a content management system. This means it allows a website owner to manage their own website with no knowledge of HTML, CSS or other computer languages.

How easy is it to use? If you can write in a program like MS Word, you can create content on your website with this platform. It’s that easy.

Configuring this platform can sometimes be tricky for a non-techie. With this in mind, I’ve also created some affordable configuration packages to help. Contact me to learn more.

Below you’ll find some posts on using Wordpress for your website or blog.

5 Myths About Using WordPress

Since I’ve started to focus my website services down to installing and configuring WordPress, I’ve discovered just how many myths entrepreneurs have about using this platform. Let’s clear up some of these myths, shall we? Myth #1: WordPress is Just for Bloggers Nope! Although many bloggers use WordPress, the platform itself is not just for …

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What are responsive websites

What Are Responsive Websites?

When talking about website design, you may have heard the phrase “responsive websites”. What are responsive websites? Let’s look at what makes a website responsive. What are responsive websites? The most basic way to explain what responsive websites are is this. Responsive websites respond to different screen sizes. Using something called media queries, a responsive website …

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