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I am a Web Designer based in Michigan’s thumb. I have over 10 years of experience developing websites. My web design clients include small businesses, work from home moms, churches and organizations.

As a web designer, I not only create websites that look good on my own screen. I create responsive websites that look great on a variety of devices. This includes cell phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

I understand the details of owning a blog or website can sometimes be overwhelming. This is especially true for those starting out.

I’m also happy to help potential website owners understand the basics of starting a blog or website. Post topics include how to effectively write for the web. You can read many informative posts on having a website designed for you below.

If you are interested in finding out more about the services I offer for starting your own blog or website, I now have some Wordpress packages available. 

Responsive Website vs Mobile App: Which One Does Your Side Hustle Need?

Responsive Website vs Mobile App: Which Does Your Side Hustle Need? If you’ve ever wondered if your side hustle needs a mobile app, you’re in luck. Let’s talk about the differences between a responsive website vs mobile app. Which one works better? Responsive Website vs Mobile App: User Friendliness? First of all, let’s look at which …

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Responsive Website Benefits

You have probably heard about responsive websites. But what are the responsive website benefits? Why should you bother to make your website responsive? Responsive Website Benefit 1: Your Site Will Work on Any Device First of all, your responsive website will work on any device your audience is using. Given the fact that most internet …

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What are responsive websites

What Are Responsive Websites?

When talking about website design, you may have heard the phrase “responsive websites”. What are responsive websites? Let’s look at what makes a website responsive. What are responsive websites? The most basic way to explain what responsive websites are is this. Responsive websites respond to different screen sizes. Using something called media queries, a responsive website …

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In any design project, content comes first

Why Content Comes First

One of the big changes I’ve made in how I do websites and other design projects for clients is to request all of the content for the project up front. Let’s talk about why. Designers Design Content The most obvious one is the very definition of web design. When designing for the web, or designing …

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