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Learn more about using social media in the posts below. I will help you find free tools to help you manage your social media profiles in the posts I’ve written here at Thoughts & Designs. Most of these posts are written with the work from home mom in mind. They are geared towards business use of these networks.

Marketing your home business on a tight budget has never been easier. With the advent of these different networks, word of mouth marketing is within reach of most of us now. There are many techniques and tips you can learn about using different social platforms to market your home business.

Tips and Tricks for Social Media Marketing

I write posts about social media marketing and networks. These posts are written for work from home moms, small business, and anyone working a side hustle. I try to keep the tips offered within reach of a busy work from home mom, without spending all day online. Practical is always best, right?

Below you will find all the posts I write on the topic of marketing on different platforms and networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. While you’re here at my website, check out my different social media accounts and follow me.

Two ways to make some money on Zazzle

Two Ways to Make Some Money with Zazzle

I’ve become very excited about Zazzle in recent years. I love that I’m able to make some money on the side with Zazzle without too much extra time and effort. In fact, I now have several Zazzle stores for different niches, including gifts for coffee lovers and gifts for book lovers. These help me make […]

How to easily keep traffic coming to your website.

How to Easily Keep Website Traffic Coming Your Way

There are only so many hours in a day. No work from home mom wants to spend the bulk of those hours chasing website traffic. For most of us, the problem isn’t laziness or not working harder. Work Smarter Not Harder Hard work wasn’t as much of an issue in my life until two of […]

Marketing Fails: angering your target audience is a bad first impression

Marketing Fails: Angering Your Target Audience is a Bad First Impression

In marketing, making your target audience mad is not the right way to start off. There are some fatal errors that people not only take part in, but I’ve even heard them taught as if these are a good idea. With marketing tips, I’ve seen some of these promoted as “effective”. Even though the average […]

5 Steps to writing an effective social media bio

5 Steps to Writing an Effective Social Media Bio

One of the more arduous tasks for anyone is writing a concise, effective social media bio. The problem comes from summing up who you are and what you do into a few short lines. On the flip side, being an excessively wordy person by nature, I find social media beneficial to helping me be more […]

7 Vital Things to Teach our Kids about Jobs and Social Media

7 Vital Things to Teach our Kids about Jobs and Social Media

While job hunting out and about, a shocking revelation occurred to one of my kids. Potential managers will Google you, to see what they might find out. It’s important, no matter your age, to manage your “personal brand” (as they sometimes call it) because of how it might affect your future employment options. This wasn’t […]