Everyone who knows me well knows that I am something of an organization junkie. Since figuring out how to better manage my time and my life, I love productivity. I love goals, planning, and finding the perfect method of organizing my life, my family, and my projects.

Throughout this website, I write about different aspects of managing our lives, projects, and time. In the posts below, I have tips and thoughts on organization.

Tips and Tools for Organization

There are tips and tools to get organized. I share some apps and methods that work for me to get organized too.

I write about organization with the busy work from home mom in mind. I try to develop posts that will help you as you manage your home and jump-start a side hustle. Managing all these aspects of life can be a recipe for chaos without some kind of organizational plan in place. You’ll find help in the posts below on organizing your life and business.

ADHD and Working From Home

In my home, we often joke around about ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or as my kids call it, “attention deficit oh look, there’s a squirrel…”). My kids and I tend to be easily distracted but highly creative individuals. The Highly Creative part lends itself well to being a WAHM (Work at Home Mom) but …

ADHD and Working From Home { Keep Reading }

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