Money Management

Money isn’t everything. But when faced with financial woes, the importance of money is hard to ignore. Proper Money Management helps us to worry less and focus less on money.

Although life has leveled out for our family in this area, we went through a season of money woes.  During a period of pay cuts, job loss, unemployment, and poverty, I wrote posts exploring issues relating to money and life. Now that things have turned around for us, there are more insights into money and life. I write posts on money management for home businesses as well as for families.

Practical Money Management Tips

The topics include managing money, building an emergency fund, saving for the future, and being content in the hard times. I have also written about finding a balance between contentment and complacency. After all, contentment is good, but not when you get stuck in a place of complacency.

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Last week, a friend and I talked about saving money. Specifically we talked about my savings plan that I talk about in my book Put Your Budget on a Diet. In this plan, I put every $1 bill I receive back as change. I call this “The One Dollar Plan”. It’s a simple but effective …

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