Money Management

Money isn’t everything. But when faced with financial woes, the importance of money is hard to ignore. Proper Money Management helps us to worry less and focus less on money.

Although life has leveled out for our family in this area, we went through a season of money woes.  During a period of pay cuts, job loss, unemployment, and poverty, I wrote posts exploring issues relating to money and life. Now that things have turned around for us, there are more insights into money and life. I write posts on money management for home businesses as well as for families.

Practical Money Management Tips

The topics include managing money, building an emergency fund, saving for the future, and being content in the hard times. I have also written about finding a balance between contentment and complacency. After all, contentment is good, but not when you get stuck in a place of complacency.

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In Praise of Passionless Projects that give you the right boost to succeed wehn money is tight.

In Praise of Passionless Projects that Give You a Boost

I also love to talk about passion projects — doing what you really love because you’ll easily sell/market/talk about what you are passionate about. I have an easier time talking to someone about what I do if I’m passionate about it. There’s something about Passionless Projects too — boring stuff that makes you a fairly […]

How upping your frugal living game can help you finance your home business

How Frugal Living Helps Entrepreneurship

If I had a dime for how many times I’ve heard, “I wish I could afford to have a home business”, I would be a rich woman. Usually, it’s someone who has an idea in their head — a dream. But the dream is going to cost money. The programs she needs are going to […]

This is your brain on poverty

This is Your Brain on Poverty

Everyone has their own thoughts on what causes poverty. Different pundits opine about what fixes financial woes for families in the 21st century. Half the time, I sit here reading those things, shaking my head. While rolling my eyes, I wonder how they would survive what I’ve survived.  Would any of these idiots still be alive at the […]

Our year long side hustle experiment and what I learned

The Year-Long Side-Hustle Experiment

About six years ago, a friend and I set out to try out some popular “side hustle” ideas that cost nothing to start. This was after hearing the same question over and over from friends on social media and via email about whether you could really make money doing some of these common suggestions. This […]

Reducing the Expense of working

Thoughts on Minimizing the Expense of Working

There is an expense of working outside of the home. When you work away from home (or even if you work from home and are super busy), sometimes expenses can creep in that eat up whatever cash you’re earning, pulling that money away from what you need to spend it on. I’m talking food, commuting, […]

Living Frugally within your own Values

Living frugally, to be successful, has to be about saving money in ways that don’t leave you or your family feeling frustrated or deprived. A frugal living tip is only going to work effectively in your life if it fits your lifestyle and your values. It took me years to learn that. I could never […]

6 ways to start saving money when you're broke

6 Ways to Start Putting Money Away for Savings

Are you worried about your personal savings (or lack thereof?) You’re not alone. Since the day when a financial planner guy caused me a few weeks’ worth of lost sleep, and several dozen panic attacks by telling us we should put aside $1,000 a month to our savings for retirement and college for our then-three […]

Creating an Extra Side Income with your Side Hustle

Creating an Extra Side Income

Stagnate wages and inflation means that we as middle class, working class families are slowly sliding into poverty by reason of the cost of living expense increases we are facing. For many families, adding something towards the family income may help shore up the budget if you’ve already cut as much as can be cut. […]



Last week, a friend and I talked about saving money. Specifically we talked about my savings plan that I talk about in my book Put Your Budget on a Diet. In this plan, I put every $1 bill I receive back as change. I call this “The One Dollar Plan”. It’s a simple but effective […]