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I’m one of those crazy logo design nerds who geeks out about a good quality logo when I’m out in public. When I see a great logo, I’m more likely to try a product or service. I’ve even been known to choose a restaurant or coffee shop based on the logo. I’m a weirdo like that.

I bring this same passion for quality, affordable Logo Design to my business from home clients.

I love developing logos for work from home moms, small businesses, organizations, and ministries. You can see some recent samples of my logo design work below.

As a logo designer, I believe that a logo needs to look good on more than your designer’s computer screen and in their portfolio. A good quality logo should look good in whatever format you, the client, plan to use it in.

A good logo design should speak to your customers, and not just to my own personal aesthetic.

I believe if a logo doesn’t work well in black and white, it’s not going to work well once we start adding color and texture.

My Logo Design Services

I incorporate this philosophy when I sit down to create your brand identity too. If you are in need of a logo for your small business or organization, I’d love to discuss the project with you. Let me know.

What is vector artwork and why it works so well for logo design

What is Vector Artwork?

In posts, I’ve written on my logo design process and how I create graphics and illustrations, I’ve mentioned Vector Artwork or Vector Graphics a few times.  Part of creating a logo or other illustrations is creating vector artwork from the drawings. But what is Vector Artwork? How does Vector Artwork work better than other options …

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My Logo Design Process

My Logo Design Process

When I am hired to do a logo design for a client, I usually follow a specific logo design process. This logo design process allows me to efficiently and expertly develop an effective plan for your branding needs. Creating a logo, for me, is not about creating something beautiful alone. I hope to create logos …

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