I started homeschooling my now-adult younglings in 1993, with the birth of my oldest daughter. I decided to homeschool after meeting the family of one of my art and design professors at Northern Michigan University. As a student who was always bored and unchallenged in school, this seemed like a fantastic idea.

Meeting my husband sealed the deal. He is the son of two schoolteachers and was functionally illiterate. My husband learned to read in his second year of college on a full-ride athletic scholarship.  I was even more convinced of the validity of one on one education.

The primary purpose of this website is encouraging Work from Home Moms. I showcase my Logo Design and Print Design services, and the designs I’ve created for Zazzle.

Tools and Tips for Homeschooling and a Lifestyle of Learning

I created a few posts on Homeschooling too. You’ll also find some insights on motherhood from an experienced mom of five adult children. I developed some tools to help you encourage your children in a lifestyle of learning. These posts are below.

I wrote other insights in raising a family on my other blog, dedicated to that topic, called Quiet Times.

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