Evernote is one of my favorite cross-platform note-taking apps, but it is so much more than that. I rely on both it and Google Keep to keep me organized in every area of my life. I’ve written more about using Google Keep in another part of this website here.

Evernote is crucial to order in my personal and professional life. I have come to use it in place of a regular paper planner. I’ve found the result of using it as a planner has been even better than using a traditional paper planner. In the posts below, you’ll find out more about how I make that happen.

How to Use Evernote to Keep Organized

Using this app does take a little getting used to. That’s why I’ve written these posts to show how I use it to organize my thoughts and my life. I also try to share posts on social media about using apps like this from others to give you more ideas.

I also have an upcoming ebook on the topic of using Evernote to keep my life in order.

Most Planners Have THIS Huge Problem

Earlier I wrote about my planner addiction and what a temptation all of the cool stuff in the stationery store is to me. I love planners, you guys. LOVE THEM. The thing is though, most planners have one fatal flaw that keeps them from working the way we think they’re going to. Can you guess […]

The Quest for the Perfect Planner

I don’t know what is wrong with me sometimes. The other day, I was walking through Michaels, on my way to buy a new sketchbook for my design projects (I go through three or four a year), when I saw a rack of discounted planners. All the pretty planners momentarily distracted me before I reminded […]

How to overcome perfectionism and distraction in bullet journaling

Bullet Journaling and Procrastination

There’s something about my love for all things creative, my fascination with finding the perfect planner, and bullet journaling. I love the look of bullet journals. I love that I get to have different colored pens and I get to draw stuff. That is a big problem with bullet journaling for me. The pens, the […]

How Linking Evernote Ntoes will help you get more done

How Linking Evernote Notes Helps You Get More Done

I love that I can link my Evernote together. Did you know you could do that? By creating links within my Evernote notes, I enhance my productivity. I also can use Evernote in many more ways. I’ve written earlier about how I use my Evernote setup to organize my notes and notebooks by priority and […]

How evernote can help you manage the tedious details of life

Using Evernote to Keep Track of the Tedious but Necessary Details

I’ve written before how I order my Evernote notebooks and notebook stacks to enhance my productivity and stay on task. Well, another use for Evernote is to keep track of those tedious but necessary details of life. Case in Point: Dealing with the Hospital. In April 2015, many of you know that two of my kids […]

Using Google Keep, Calendar, and Drive to Organize Recipes, Menus, and Shopping Lists

Using Google Keep & Drive to Organize Recipes, Menus, and Shopping Lists

I’ve found that using Google Keep, synced with Google Drive and Calendar, allows me to easily sort and organize my recipes, menu planning, and shopping lists. Let me tell you how. The Basics of Google Keep and Google Drive Recipe Archiving I already use Pinterest to pin recipes I want to try. I think most […]

How to get more done with less stress with Evernote

How to Get More Done with Less Stress Using Evernote

Evernote is one of my favorite cross-platform note-taking apps, but it is so much more than that. Truly, Evernote is the key to not only keeping my life organized but helping me get more done with less stress. Let me show you how you can get more done using Evernote too. Read on. The Evernote […]

Spring cleaning your digital workspace

Spring Cleaning Your Digital Workspace

Do you struggle with finding your files on your computer? Let’s talk a bit today about how to set up some folders to improve your workflow and help you find items easier. Think of it as a little spring cleaning in your digital world. The Default Folders No matter what operating system you’re using, most have a […]

What is mind mapping and how does it help the creative process?

What is Mind Mapping and How Does it Help Me Write?

Do you struggle to organize your thoughts and ideas while writing? I use a technique called Mind Mapping to pull my idea together. Mind mapping helps me organize my thoughts before writing or while brainstorming. Mind Mapping for Better Brainstorming When I first started writing, I just wrote and wrote and wrote. Yet, I’ve boiled […]

My Process for Building Your Website

So, you want a website? I’ve already written in other parts of my blog about how to find the purpose of your website improve your existing website and market your website. (you can read those posts by clicking on the links above). But what steps do I take to build your website after you hire […]

How To Manage Time Effectively when Working from Home

How to Manage Time Effectively when Working from Home

Learning how to manage time effectively is crucial to getting anything done. This is true in any line of work. It’s even more true when working from home. Here are some tips on how to manage time effectively when working from home. Beware of Your Time Leeches The biggest time management issue most of us […]