Every book in my library has a lovely decorative bookplate. As book lovers, our family has an enormous personal library. We love to lend out books to our fellow book lovers and readers. So we find it helpful to label the books in our book collection.

What better way to label books than with decorative bookplates?

Bookplates let the borrowers of our favorite books remember where the book came from. Sure, I could just write on the cover, but this looks so much nicer!

Hopefully, the book will find its way back home again, thanks to our beautifully designed bookplates.

Read more about bookplates in this post. I write about what bookplates are, and how to use bookplates in your personal library.

Bookplate Designs from Thoughts & Designs

I also have many free printable bookplate designs. You can either download and print these bookplates yourself. Or you can buy printed on labels from my Zazzle store.

Check out any of the posts below for more information on my bookplate designs.

Round customizeable art deco bookplate

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What is a Bookplate and Define Ex Libris Latin

What is a Bookplate?

One of my more popular products in my Thoughts and Designs Zazzle store is my collection of custom bookplates. The question does come up from time to time, however, “What is a bookplate?” So, What is a Bookplate? A bookplate is basically a custom book label or sticker that you stick inside of the front […]

Free Art Nouveau Children's Bookplates

Free Printable Children’s Art Nouveau Style Bookplate

I’m a huge proponent of reading to children, as frequently as possible, starting as young as possible. As a result, I have created several great bookplates to share with you for your own personal library. I wanted to do them on a full sheet like I did with the kitchen labels I made for canning, herbs […]

Free Printable Art Deco style bookplates

Free Printable Art Deco Style Bookplate Graphics

As a lifelong book lover and hoarder collector, I’m always looking for great ways to label my books, beyond just writing my name on the front cover (though I’ve done that too). I love the look and feel of old fashioned vintage bookplates, which is why I designed my own. I have several designs on this site. […]

Free Printable Jugendstil Style Bookplate Design

We’re all book hoarders in our household here. That’s why I’ve created several different styles of bookplates to attractively label my book collection when lending them out. These hand drawn vector graphic bookplates feature a Jugendstil, Art Nouveau style frame based on common motifs of this art movement. The words Ex Libris (latin for “From […]