Show Off Your Unique Vibe with a Handmade Logo

You’re probably realizing how hard it is to find an affordable logo design that looks great. Finding a handmade logo that can work on all of your platforms is rare.

Unique Handmade Logo Designs

Handmade Logo design services and branding services at Thoughts and Designs.
Artwork by Kimberly Eddy. Background photo by Alex Mihis for Unsplash.

I craft unique handmade logo designs for solopreneurs, creatives, and small businesses like yours. I convert each of my designs to digital vector art, so it can be used for any application, including

  • Small images like Favicons and Watermarks
  • As a profile image on social media
  • Logo and Branding on your website
  • Printed on your print materials like business cards and brochures
  • Enlarged on a banner or other signage without loss of quality

You’ll end up with a logo that expresses your unique vibe. And your handmade logo will be crafted for use anywhere.

What’s Included in my Handmade Logo Design Service?

Show off your unique vibe with my handmade logo design services and brand development.
Artwork by Kimberly Eddy. Background photo by Alex Mihis for Unsplash.

To start off, I’d like to talk more with you about your project and what you do. This way, I get a feel for what will meet your needs and speak to your audience. We can talk via Skype or the telephone, whichever you prefer. This initial consultation will last 20 minutes.

I’ll start off the design process the old fashioned way, with pencil and paper, crafting a logo using traditional methods.

I’ll provide you with two logo options to choose from.

Once you’ve decided on a logo concept,  I’ll convert your logo into vector artwork, which allows it to be used for print and web without loss of quality.  Naturally, you’ll get all of the necessary files for you to use.

Are you ready to get started?

Pricing is $500 for two logo concepts based on the information you provide me with about your logo needs.

To get started, fill out the form on the next page, and I’ll contact you within one business day.

Yes, I’d Like a Handmade Logo

Unique handmade logo design and branding services from Thoughts and Designs to express your unique vibe.
Artwork by Kimberly Eddy. Background photo by Alex Mihis for Unsplash.