Responsive Website vs Mobile App: Which One Does Your Side Hustle Need?

Responsive Website vs Mobile App: Which Does Your Side Hustle Need?

If you’ve ever wondered if your side hustle needs a mobile app, you’re in luck. Let’s talk about the differences between a responsive website vs mobile app. Which one works better?

Responsive Website vs Mobile App: User Friendliness?

Responsive Websites Vs. Mobile apps: Which one is better for your business?
Artwork by Kimberly Eddy. Background photo by Tim Bennett for Unsplash.

First of all, let’s look at which is more user-friendly.

In order to use a responsive website, a smartphone or tablet user only has to visit it in a website browser. That’s it. The website automatically loads based on the size of the screen.

Easy peasy.

With a mobile app, you have to first convince your user to download your app….before they ever visit your website.

So, if your app is just your website in a mobile format, this is a terrible idea.

Why would they download an app for your website? I mean, we know why someone would download apps from Amazon or eBay or Facebook. But storage on a mobile device is limited. Users need a compelling reason to give your app their valuable space.

Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes.

Would you rather have to download an app to access information, or just click on the website’s link?

Responsive Website vs. Mobile App: Cost

The cost of app development is quite high compared to the relatively low cost of a responsive website.

In fact, you could realistically have a responsive website for next to nothing, by using a free WordPress theme that is responsive.

Responsive Website Vs. Mobile App: Compatibility

Responsive Websites vs Mobile Apps: Which one does your side hustle really need?
Artwork by Kimberly Eddy. Background photo by Tim Bennett for Unsplash.

Then there’s compatibility.

When it comes to mobile devices, there are two basic operating systems. There are Android Phones and Apple (iOS) phones. You’ll need to decide which phone system you’re targeting with an app.

Also, some people use neither. Some use Windows on their tablets and phones. My tablet is a Windows 10 tablet. No one ever thinks of us when making apps. 🙂

In contrast, your responsive website doesn’t care what operating system you’re using. It reads what screen size you are viewing the site on. Then the responsive website changes the layout accordingly.

Responsive Website vs Mobile App: Conclusion

So, in conclusion, I think you can guess what my view is. I believe a mobile app is only an option if you are doing something spectacular. If you’re just giving me a way to view your site on my phone or tablet, I’m not going to bother.

Responsive is the way to go.

Learn more about What responsive websites are here, and the responsive website benefits here.

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