Revising Your Goals & Personal Mission Statement

Life changes, and so do our priorities. Although at our core, I think we tend to value the same thing overall, I know that how I enacted that has changed over the years.

For example, as I’ve grown and matured in the Lord, and as I’ve grown and matured in other areas (being a wife, mom, friend, designer, and so on), I’ve realized that my long term goals or annual goals needed to adapt to fit what God was showing me.

Switching to What Works for You

Part of this comes from realizing that some “great idea” that you heard about in a conference or read on a blog is not going to work for your family at all, or is perhaps just bad doctrine.

If you can’t make a goal, routine, or idea work practically in your household, you’re just going to be frustrated. Focus on what works in your family, based on what you value, and the unique dynamic in your household.

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For example, years ago I attended a conference and learned about scheduling my day down to the minute. Well, that didn’t work for many reasons, not the least of which is my husband’s irregular work schedule. I did know that I needed to organize my day better, so I settled on some routines, instead of something restrictive to time.

Changing Circumstances & Your Long Term Goals

Part of this can come from changes in your life outside of your control. My long term goals, and even some parts of my mission statement were very different 15 years ago, than they are now. God allowed our family go to through a real rough patch, which then helped us to see some errors in thinking, and which changed our focus for the better.

My mission statement basically said the same thing, and that is that my overall mission was to glorify God. However, how that mission worked out in each of my roles, and how I envisioned that mission statement in each area of my life did change as God taught me some things, corrected some bad doctrine and views in some areas, and worked to change my life more and more into His likeness.

Even annual goals can change. My annual goals at the start of last year we all related to the fact that we had to be out of our house by May 1st, when the foreclosure was to be finalized and our eviction was to occur. I couldn’t have imagined that one month into the year we would find out that we didn’t have to move at all. Now our goals changed towards repair and maintenance issues on our home.

The point of having long term goals, and a personal mission statement isn’t to have something written in stone, but to have something in writing to help you when you’re planning and making decisions in your life. Goals are meant to be a target to aim at, not something that never changes. 

Goals are meant to be a target to aim at, not something that never changes. Click To Tweet

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