I Read Past My Bedtime

This design was made for those who love to stay up late reading, but it’s also a sort of confession. Those days I don’t get to bed early enough, I’ve probably stayed up late reading. I often read past my bedtime.

What do I read?

I read past my bedtime. Zazzle Design on Gifts for Readers and book lovers.

Well, I mostly love reading self-help and motivational books these days. I love anything that encourages me and inspires me to become a better version of myself. I read biographies too. I love to read about real people and the challenges they faced (and overcame). Who doesn’t love to read the stories of heroes? I like having real-life heroes, but I also love to read about fictional ones too.

I also read many classic works. Tolkien. CS Lewis, GK Chesterton. I love poetry too.

Growing up, I’d read whatever I could get my hands on. My parents weren’t really readers, so this drove them nuts that I loved books so much.

Whenever you see me first thing in the morning with my eyes drooping, you know reading is probably at fault. After all, I read past my bedtime.

The Design: I Read Past My Bedtime

My book-loving daughters and son inspired this design. They inherited my bad habit of staying up late reading.

Wait. Bad Habit?

Maybe it’s a good habit. You can’t go wrong with reading!

This design has a field of stars in the night sky and a crescent moon with the words, “I read past my bedtime”.

Do you know anyone who stays up late reading? This stylized graphic on many different products is for them!

Perfect for the book lover and reader in your life.

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I read past my bedtime. Zazzle Design on Gifts for Readers and book lovers.