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Most Planners Have THIS Huge Problem

Earlier I wrote about my planner addiction and what a temptation all of the cool stuff in the stationery store is to me. I love planners, you guys. LOVE THEM.

The thing is though, most planners have one fatal flaw that keeps them from working the way we think they’re going to. Can you guess what it is? What goes wrong with each planner?

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It’s Not the Planners’ Fault

To be fair, the planners aren’t at fault. They can’t help it.

They are what they are.

The big problem with planners is us.

Yes, us. The end users. The Planner purchasers. The men and women who buy these things every year thinking this planner will finally make us into the productive, organized, and amazing person we know we could be.

We live with this delusion that all we need is the perfect planner system, and presto the planner alone will make us organized.

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Our Planners Need Our Help

The planner can’t do that without our help.

You see, our systems we purchase at the start of every new year, full of hope that we’ll become organized, can’t do it alone.

  • They don’t jump off the table and make us look at them.
  • Our planners don’t fly open to remind us we have an appointment or a deadline.
  • They don’t shout our name.

The fact is, our planners only work if we consistently refer to them at the right time.

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I don’t know about you, but sometimes forget to look at them.

(Please, tell me I’m not alone there!)

Or We Could Try Something Different…

Most Planners have this huge problem.

Maybe this is why I have been so excited about going mostly digital with my project management stuff. Instead of having a planner system or a bullet journal, as I used to, I’m paperless. I have an app that syncs across all of my devices.

And, get this, it makes a noise when I need to remember something.

Whaaa?! How cool is that?

This is what’s been missing in my life, I tell ya.

I’m so excited about how this has changed my life over the last few years, I even wrote a book about it, if you’re also interested. It’s only a dollar on Amazon Kindle, so why not? 

How to use Evernote to increase your productivity

By setting up Evernote to meet my specific needs with what I do as a freelancer, designer, and content creator, I have exactly what I need. Not only that, but

  • Evernote makes noises at me when deadlines approach
  • I sync Evernote with Google Calendar to remind me of appointments and deadlines (I’ll show you how in the ebook)
  • Evernote can store ideas I have and information I find on the internet for future reference.
  • I have a system in place so that the info and ideas don’t just get lost in an abyss.
  • My app keeps my personal mission statement and current goals in front of me, as a reminder.

…and more.

If you want to learn more, check out my Evernote book over at

New to Evernote?

If you’ve not tried Evernote, I’m a happy power user of this app. I have written an ebook on using Evernote to increase your productivity, which you can learn more about here.

You can find out more about Evernote’s free and premium versions over here on their website.

Most planners have THIS huge problem.

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