Overwhelmed with eCommerce Configuration? Let me set up your Shopping Cart Website

Setting up your own shopping cart website is overwhelming. Even with the out of the box options, shopping cart websites require a tedious amount of configuration to get started.

If you’re confused and overwhelmed at the prospect of setting up your shopping cart website, let me take care of the technical parts!

I’d love to help you get off to the best start possible by setting up and configuring a shopping cart website for you.

What is a Shopping Cart Website?

Your Shopping Cart Website

A shopping cart system helps the solopreneur and small business sell their products online. The shopping cart is a platform that handles all of the tiny details of each order for you, from shipping costs, sales taxes, and charging your customers securely. Shopping Cart websites also help with order and product management.

Your new shopping cart website will be configured to meet your needs and make ordering user-friendly for your customers.

I start each project with a 30-minute website consultation with my clients, to learn more about your project and your needs. This way, we start you off right.

Learn How to Use Your Shopping Cart Website

I’ll also help you find your way around your new shopping cart website. Part of that tour will include tutorials in using your website. I’ll show you how to manage your eCommerce site painlessly.

You’ll learn how to

  • Add new products
  • Manage Products
  • Manage Orders
  • Add Notices for Shipping Delays
  • And More

Other Web Design Options

If you’re not sure exactly what you need, I have other web design options available too, as you can see from this chart.


  Basic Package Advanced Package Custom Web Design Shopping Cart Package
30 Minute Consultation
Install & Configure WordPress
Selecting a WordPress Theme
Selecting WordPress Plugins Up to 3
Registering with Google
Install Google Analytics
WordPress Tutorials
Advanced Configuration  
Child Theme    
Shopping Cart Configuration      
Price: $400 $800+ $1000+ $1200+

Are you ready to get started selling online?

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Your Shopping Cart Website