OneDrive and Syncing Microsoft Office Across Devices

I use Microsoft Word or Scribner when creating my ebooks for Amazon Kindle, because I can easily format my ebooks in a way that Kindle can read them. Word allows me to make my Kindle ebooks easier to read and more interactive for you, my readers.

Another outstanding feature in Microsoft Word, since Windows 10, is the ability to save automatically and sync my Word documents (and other Microsoft Office files) into Microsoft’s cloud storage called OneDrive.

In case you’re confused, OneDrive was SkyDrive a few versions ago.

What’s the Cloud?

You may wonder what all the talk about the Cloud is, anyway. Let’s cover that first.

How to Use Microsoft's One Drive to sync word files and other documents.

Cloud storage is a generic term for services that allow you to store your files away from your system, allowing you to access your files from anywhere and from any computer system or device that can connect to the service.

So when I create a new ebook file in Word or invoices for clients in Word, if I save it to my OneDrive, I can then access the file from my phone, from my laptop, or from my desktop. Each time, I have access to the most current version of the file. If I am on the road and I need to access the file, I can also access it by logging into my One Drive. There it is!


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Most of the time, I use Google Drive for my cloud storage. I use Google to back up files off of my cell phone, especially my photos.

OneDrive is helpful for any Word files I’m working on, especially Kindle Ebooks.

Saving Docs to OneDrive

So how do you save your documents to OneDrive? To get started, you must set up your OneDrive if you haven’t already. There’s more detailed information on how to do that in the video below.