The Basic DIY Website Package

Are you stressed and frustrated with your DIY Website Project? Here's help

So you decided to DIY your new website for your business or side hustle. If you’re like most people, by now you’re frustrated with the entire website process.

You haven’t even gotten to the good part yet. You’re still trying to find your way around the website platform and understand all the technical mumbo jumbo on the help sites.

That’s why I created this Basic DIY Website package.

No Frills Design

What I will NOT do for you is create some complicated design.

 Instead, I’ll install a suitable basic WordPress Theme and do the most basic configuration on it. I’ll also make sure your chosen website theme (template) is easy to edit and change for you. Some are more beginner friendly than others.

No Frills DIY Website Design Help
Basic Search Engine Help for your DIY Website

Basic Search Engine Help

You may not realize this yet, but just building a website doesn’t drive visitors to your website. I know. Bummer. 

There’s an entire field that has popped up regarding search engine optimization (SEO), which is the art of getting to the top of the search engines when someone searches for topics related to you and your website. I’ll get you off to a good start by submitting your website to the major search engines and building a website as Google recommends.

The Right Plug-ins for your Website

In WordPress, plug-ins can make your website even more functional and powerful. 

The problem is, not every plugin is right for the task you need it to do, and not every plugin is easy to use for a beginner. Let me help you by finding the right plugins for what you need your website to do, and installing them. 

Google Analytics and Tag Manager for your website

Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

How will you know how many visitors you get to your website? Where did your visitors come from? How did they find you? What’s working and what isn’t.

Google Tag Manager answers these questions for you, which is why my basic package includes the configuration and installation of the Google Tag Manager code.

With Tag Manager (plus Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Pinterest Pixel — and any other tracking pixels), you’ll be able to track visits to your website to give you insight into how your visitors find your site and what they do once they get there. This information will help you continually improve your website and marketing efforts online.

Bonus: Training Call with me

Once the work is done, I’m not going to just leave you hanging. We’ll set up a time for a Zoom meeting, where I’ll share my computer screen with you and your team how to find your way around your new website and answer any questions you have. This training session will last about 30 minutes.

I’ll also provide you with a Website Owner’s Manual tailored to your needs, so you’ll have all of your important website information in one place.

Bonus Training Call for your DIY Website

The web design process

We’ll start off with Zoom call, so you can tell me more about your project and what you need your website to do for you. 

Next, I’ll draw up a contract. The contract protects both of us, so we each get what we promised each other out of this design project. As soon as you send back the signed contract and a 50% deposit, I’ll get right to work. 

The first thing I do is some market research. I’ll check out the competition and verify the best practices in your niche for websites. We’ll also look at what your website can do better than your competition. 

Next, I’ll create a prototype mockup for your website, so you can see the basic layout I think will work best for your goals. We’ll tweak the layout until we have it right.

Once you have approved the mockup, I’ll begin working on making this design a live website. 

Finally, we’ll schedule a time when I can train you (and anyone on your team) in  using your website. 

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Unsure of what to say on your website?

Have you spent far too long staring at a blank screen, trying to figure out what to say on your website?

You probably had all kinds of exciting things envisioned for your website. 

But you didn’t realize just how difficult writing copy for your own website would be!

I’ve developed this easy to use guided journey workbook to provide writing prompts and website copy helps for you!

What to say on your website? the website content workbook will help
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