How LongTail Pro Cuts my Marketing Time by Half

“So I did a thing,” I tell my husband, Martin, over Cubanos on date night, “I bought this program called LongTail Pro about a month ago, and I can’t believe the difference.”

My husband, a skilled tradesman, doesn’t understand much about things like keyword research and marking your online side hustle. But as I was telling him what LongTail Pro had done for my process, my time, and my stress levels, I saw this smile forming on his face.

Putting the Solo in Solopreneur

How LongTail Pro improves my marketing while cutting my marketing time

“You know,” he finally said, “The you of ten years ago or even five years ago would have tried to press on, muddle through, DIY it to save some money, and not spend cash on something like this. I’m proud of you.”

It’s true though. And it’s not just me.

I’ve met and worked with enough solopreneurs to know most of us have a DIY vision and a hard and fast refusal to spend money to save ourselves time. This past year, my goal has been to grow more by letting others help and hiring out some jobs I don’t like or can’t do as well as others. It’s been liberating and life-changing.

How LongTail Pro Cut My Marketing Time

But how did that help? How did buying a program like LongTail Pro finally help me manage my different online side hustles?

LongTail Pro helped me Research the Profitability of Topics and Niches

I have a hard time figuring out what topics people are interested in and want me to talk about. LongTail Pro helps with that. By entering long tail keyword ideas into the interface, LongTail Pro shows me how many people have searched for this keyword or phrase monthly, on average. But LongTail Pro also shows me a color-coded grade as to how likely I am to rank for this keyword, while also suggesting some additional keywords and phrases that may work better.

You see, just because someone is searching for a keyword, or lots of people are searching for a keyword, doesn’t mean it’s a good one. If too many people are ranking high for that same keyword, I’ll have too much competition for anyone to notice me.

If my “great idea” is something LongTail Pro tell me few people are searching for and too many people are creating content about, this idea would not be so great.

By researching with LongTail Pro before trying the idea, I’m saving myself time by not investing in something I wouldn’t likely succeed at.

LongTail Pro Helped me Create Content Focused on Great Keywords

Next up, I actually created content based on what people were searching for and asking Google about. Many times people search phrases that would make great post titles.

Guess what I did? I used those exact long tail keywords to decide what to write about, within my niche of course.

LongTail Pro Helped Me Rank My Zazzle Products Better

I have several Zazzle stores, based on micro niches. This partly came about because of market research from LongTail Pro. I realized it would be easier to rank based on a niche rather than a product. I guess that is kind of a “Duh!” thing but I’m a slow learner.

Within a few weeks of making changes based on my keyword research, it was suddenly normal to get at least 1-5 sales on Zazzle. Compare this with last year, when I got a total of 1 sale all of January.  I’m telling you, good Keywords matter.

LongTail Pro Has Dramatically Increased My Organic Search Traffic on All My Websites

How LongTail Pro improves my marketing while cutting my marketing time

I have more than one website, in case you didn’t know. Most of them are based on microniches and are not updated as often as this one is. I created two of them as projects for an online marketing course I took.

One thing has long been true of all of my projects. They all get most of their traffic from Social Media. Most of the time, the traffic comes from Pinterest or Google+.

After redoing many posts and creating new ones focused on great keywords, Google Analytics tells me my visitors have not only increased, but that increase has come mostly from organic searches.

Even more exciting? Many of these hits came because visitors were searching for the exact phrase Long Tail Pro had suggested AND I decided to use as the Title/Topic of my post.

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