How to Keep Your Goals and Dreams in Mind

Setting goals is one thing; achieving them is quite another.

How to Keep your Goals and Dreams in Mind. Setting goals is one thing; 
achieving them is quite another.

How many of us write out our New Year’s resolutions at the start of each new year, only to not even remember what most of those are by the end of the new year?

Keeping those plans and New Year’s resolutions before our eyes matters in achieving them in the coming year!

Write Your Goals

I don’t believe it’s enough to just decide on a goal; write your plans and vision down.

I like to keep copies of my vision written in different places. One of my places is a large chalkboard in my office area. I painted a wall with chalkboard paint, and in the corner, I keep track of my goals for the year.

Every time I sit down to work, there they are, looking at me, reminding me what I’m aiming at.

Setting goals is one thing; 
achieving them is quite another.

Look at Your Goals Regularly

Looking at your plans regularly helps you to remind yourself exactly what you’d like to achieve ultimately over a specific period. For me, I write my annual resolutions in a corner of a chalkboard where I’ll see them all the time.

I have a friend who keeps her yearly plans, laminated, and stuck to the mirror of her bathroom. Every morning, as she gets ready to start her day, she sees them.

No matter where you put them, write them and look at them regularly.

Pray about Your Goals

I mentioned in another post the fact that I pray before setting my resolutions for the coming year each year and setting my long-term focus. With that in mind, I often will pray about them, and ask the Lord to give me wisdom, guidance, and provision to achieve them.

Sometimes He answers this prayer in unusual ways.

Setting goals is one thing; 
achieving them is quite another.

One goal I have is to fill up an empty spot in my kitchen where the old, broken dishwasher once stood. I have been praying about what to do there and looking at the stores for cabinetry. Sadly, nothing is in that exact size I needed. We couldn’t justify the cost of buying cabinetry to fit the area outright. Later, while driving down the road, my hubby and I spotted a cabinet in the garbage. At a glance, it looked the exact size we needed, and in the right style. We loaded it into the van (not a simple task, but we did it), brought it home, and discovered that it was within 2 inches of the size we needed.  It’s in the barn, waiting for warmer weather to finish it and install it.  Ask and you shall receive.

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