Illustrated Bible Verse: Psalm 94:19

I recently created this image of one of my favorite verses from a few years ago. The verse is from Psalm 94:19. It reads,

“In the multitude of my thoughts within me, Thy comforts delight my soul.”

An Encouraging Bible Quote in Foreclosure Purgatory

God had really used this verse in my life several years ago, while we were hanging out in what I like to refer to as “foreclosure purgatory” — still living in our house, but knowing we were in foreclosure, waiting for them to knock on our door and tell us when to get out. Legally you have to stay, as you’re responsible for any damage to the property, but you live in the knowledge that any day they may come to ask you to leave.

Thankfully, in our case, the situation worked out better than expected, and we now have a home debt free. Praise God for that.

In the multitude of my thoughts within me, Thy comforts delight my soul. Psalm 94:19 Click To Tweet

Oh, but the waiting! 

I’m not good at waiting. I’m not good at those “purgatory” times in life when life is in a holding pattern.

Times like that feel like you’re just waiting for something bad to happen and knowing what probably will happen.

God’s Comforts, Delighting My Soul

In it all, though, God….God was there.

In my “thoughts within me”…those innermost thoughts and fears…God kept reminding me that He had a plan. Using different Bible Verses I had memorized and other Christian quotes and religious quotes, God reminded me that it was all going to be okay.

Psalm 94:19 continues to encourage me that God has my back. Click To Tweet

It’s Bible verses and Christian quotes about faith like this one that still continues to encourage me and remind me not only of what God promised but What God has done in the past in my life too.

The Vintage Style Cameo Silhouette of a Woman Design

I was playing around with this verse again recently, to encourage a friend. In doing so, I was sketching different ways to lay it out when I saw a cameo silhouette of a woman in a thrift store that made me think of this verse. Obviously God didn’t say this Bible verse was specifically for women, but I think us ladies have the bigger struggle with thoughts running wild inside of our own heads, don’t we?

At first, I was using the cameo silhouette lady motif in a logo design I was working on for Bookkeeping service, but when they chose the secondary design, I knew I wanted to use that vintage style cameo silhouette of a woman. It was too cool not to.

I sketched out a silhouette of a woman and worked on creating the lettering inside of the cameo silhouette head before switching to Adobe Illustrator and converting it all to Vector Artwork.

God’s Comforts Psalm 94:19 Available on Zazzle

This illustrated Bible verse design from Psalms 94:19 is available on Zazzle in a variety of product designs.  I’m also able to modify it for custom use if you need me to. Just let me know.

You can find this “Psalm 94:19 ~ God’s Comforts” design in the collection for “Encouraging Bible Verse Quotes” here at Zazzle in the Thoughts and Designs Zazzle Store.

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