“We Remember; Never Forget” Holocaust Remembrance Day

One of the most moving things I saw while I traveled through Europe as a younger woman was my visit to the various sites of the Holocaust. Though these sites were horrifying, I’m thankful I saw them live and in person.

  • Auschwitz.
  • The Jewish Quarter in Prague (including the museum and graveyard).
  • Dachau.
  • The memorials to each city’s Jewish (and minority) citizens that lost their lives during the Holocaust.

As a student, I often wondered how people could just stand by and allow this to happen. Now that I’ve gotten to know people, I can see easily how it happens.

It’s easier to go with the mob than risk being a victim.

Star of David Design for Holocaust Remembrance Day

I created this design for Holocaust Remembrance Day for a contest (I didn’t win. Bummer), and have put it on various products in my Zazzle store. You can check these designs out below.

The text of this design features the words “We Remember; Never Forget” in several different languages including English, Hebrew, Dutch, German, and French. The design reminds us all to never forget what happened during the Holocaust, especially in an age when so many Holocaust deniers are rising up.

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