Freebie: Zazzle Printable Product Creation PDF with Calendar

Hey, fellow Zazzle Sellers! I have a freebie for YOU today! I wasn’t sure what to call this thing, so it’s just the Zazzle Printable Product Creation PDF with Calendar.

Let me explain.

As many of you know, I have been building a steady side hustle over at Zazzle.  When creating products, there is an option to select “Events” for this product and “Recipients”. This opens up two long and complicated drop-down menus, which are difficult to browse through.

Well, I took the time to copy these events and recipients that they have in those drop downs into this handy Printable Product Creation PDF with Calendar.

In this free printable PDF, you can see the listing from inside of those drop-down menus (all 5 3-column pages worth! Good grief!)…and I did ya one better! I took the time to do a few extras for all of my fellow Zazzle designers:

  • I looked up each of these events to verify the dates for 2018. Some of them weren’t even in Google (LOL) I adjusted the dates in a Calendar where needed.
  • I created a printable 2018 (and January 2019) calendar with all the Holidays and Events in them where there was a date associated. Again, I do not understand where they got some of these, so don’t ask me. I only copied them. 🙂
  • I also wrote out the list of recipients you can choose from as your target recipient for your product when you’re creating it.


You can download your Zazzle Printable Product Creation PDF with Calendar here.

If you find it helpful, please share. I made it to be a blessing.

Again, the corrected 2018 dates are in the calendar. I left them “as is” in the drop-down menu in the main list part of this printable PDF.

Any suggestions on how I could improve this are welcome.

Wait, What’s a Zazzle?

If you aren’t familiar with Zazzle, let me briefly explain. It is a print on demand company that allows designers like me to put our designs on Zazzle’s products and sell them in stores in the Marketplace. You can see some of my designs here.

Learn how you could make some extra money in my recent blog post about the two ways I earn money with Zazzle.

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