As you may have noticed, there is advertising on this website.

Most of the ads on this website are affiliate links for products I use, love and recommend. .

I will also have affiliate links on my blog, particularly from Amazon.com and Zazzle.com. When I do so, I receive a small commission from the advertiser if you buy something after clicking on my link.

I only recommend products and services I find useful.  For Zazzle products, these are almost always products and designs that I have created. With a sale, I will receive a royalty, and I will also get an affiliate commission.

When I do reviews for any product and service, I will always give an honest review. To do otherwise would be defeating the point of a review. When I have received a free product for review, I will disclose that the product was free to me.

If you have questions about my review policy, please contact me.

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