Design: What Your Vote Really Shows

I’m excited about a new design I’ve created. This graphic features the words, “Vote as if your ballot determines nothing except the shape of your own character.” A great reminder for us all.

Voting may be our civic duty, but it’s not always easy. Figuring out how to best vote can be a challenge. I like to keep this simple principle in mind. Each vote I cast is a reflection of my character. It’s a sobering thought.

I originally designed this for a friend, who then encouraged me to use it in my Zazzle store.

I have this particular design in a variety of colors based on your political persuasion, but I’m fond of Yellow.

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This design is available in other colors in the Thoughts and Designs Zazzle store, and it’s also available on t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, pins, magnets, and tote bags.

I have a growing number of designs I have available on Zazzle. These designs are available on a variety of products including t-shirts, magnets, labels, tote bags, and so forth. You can see all of my designs available on Zazzle over here. 

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