Let me serve you

I have a passion for design, and I'm in love with anything that is both beautiful and practical.

This passion overflows into my work as a designer for both print design and web design. Let me tell you a bit about the design services I offer.

Mobile-Friendly Web Design

I have over fifteen years of experience with Web Design. I have set up websites for entrepreneurs, creatives, churches, and small businesses. Over those years, I realize my tribe needs more than just a website designed.

More than just design services, potential clients like you need help to figure out where to start. I help with laying a great foundation from the start of their website project. You can learn more about the basics of getting and managing a website here.

If you hire me to bring your web design project to life, I’ll make your website project easily understandable from the start. I save you time, frustration, and money by helping you sort through the noise. I promise to help you understand the best practices for your website project from the start. My passion is to educate my clients instead of just taking your money and handing you a website design.

For additional information on my web design services, contact me on the contact form at the bottom of this page. I’m happy to help.

Print Design and Layout Services

Don’t let anyone tell you print is dead!

Even though I create dynamic, on-brand designs for use on websites and social media, print design and layout still both have a place in your business.

I have over 30 years of experience creating gorgeous layouts that help your customers and audience notice and understand your message. My goal in any design project is to enhance your brand message and to use great design tell your story…whether on business cards, brochures, catalogs, flyers or print ads for newspapers and magazines.

My vast experience in designing for print and web also means I know how to not only create designs that speak to your audience but also format files the way printers prefer to receive them. I’ll create your designs using professional software from the latest versions of the Adobe Creative Suite. I’m always happy to work with your printer to make sure your files are formatted to their specifications.

For more information on my print design and layout services, use the contact form below.

Unique, Affordable Logo Design

I craft unique handmade logo designs for solopreneurs, creatives, and small businesses like yours. I convert each of my designs to digital vector art, so it can be used for any application, including

  • Small images like Favicons and Watermarks
  • As a profile image on social media
  • Logo and Branding on your website
  • Printed on your print materials like business cards and brochures
  • Enlarged on a banner or other signage without loss of quality

You’ll end up with a logo that expresses your unique vibe. And your handmade logo will be crafted for use anywhere.

Find out more by filling out the contact form below or check out my additional articles on this website about logos and branding.

T-Shirt and Swag Design

Though I never planned to offer T-shirt design services per se, I’ve found that many clients love that I am able to convert some of their other design concepts (like logos and elements of their brochures) into t-shirts for their staff, special events, or even to sell to their customers.

If you have a vision for bigger things, I’m your design svengali.

I’d love the opportunity to take your design needs and run with them, bringing each and every one of them to life.

It doesn’t hurt to ask. The contact form is below.

In the meanwhile, you can check out some of my own design swag over at my Zazzle store. Wondering how Print on Demand works? You can read up on my POD articles here.

Unique Web Graphics

Finally, I love to flex my creative muscles with fun projects too, like this fabulous “Spam of the Week” graphic I created for a blog years ago. Do you have something that doesn’t quite fit into any of the other categories? Some fun and exciting design project you’d love help bringing to life?

Contact me below with some details, and let me help you bring your next design project to life!

Use the form below to contact me about bringing your next design project to life: