Design: Not the Elephant or Donkey, but the Lamb

The question is simple enough. Who do you put your trust in?

Sometimes, as a Christian, I need the reminder that my loyalties are not to a political party or group, but rather to the Lamb of God Himself. This is truer now than ever before.

Lamb of God Bumper Sticker Design

This is actually the thought I had in mind when I created this design.

I used simple icon-type shapes to represent the two major US political parties and the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ.

The bumper sticker was a hot seller during the 2016 election. No big surprise there.

Just the other day, I was walking in a mall parking lot and saw my bumper sticker on someone’s car. It did my heart good.

How cool is that?

The Lamb of God, not Political Parties

What are you hoping in?

Instead of putting your hope in the Elephant (Republicans) or the Donkey (Democrats), our hope is in the Lamb of God, Jesus.

Not the Elephant or the Donkey, but the Lamb Bumper Sticker

Not the Elephant or the Donkey, but the Lamb Bumper Sticker

by ThoughtsandDesigns

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