Design: Maybe She’s Born with it; Maybe it’s Caffeine!

I’ve recently created a new Zazzle store, centered around the theme of one of my passions: Coffee. The theme of the store is quotes, sayings, and designs that would make great gifts for the coffee lovers in your life (even if you’re just buying it for yourself too, of course). I’d like to share some of those coffee-themed designs with you.

The first of the coffee themed designs I have is based on a saying I’ve heard a few times. Friends have jokingly said to me, “Maybe She’s born with it; Maybe it’s the caffeine.” It’s a spin on the old Mabeline commercials decades ago.

A Design for Coffee Lovers

This design features a vintage woman’s silhouette with the words in art nouveau style inside. Outside the silhouette, I have a sunburst motif for added effect.

This design is available on T-shirts, magnets, pins, notecards, tote bags, and of course coffee mugs.

If you have a coffee lover in your life, you may want to take a look!


The Coffee Lovers Gifts Zazzle Store

Each of these designs is available here, in my “Maybe It’s Caffeine” Collection. If you’re looking for other coffee themed designs, have a look at my Coffee Lovers Gifts store on Zazzle over here.

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