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In the posts below, I highlight my Zazzle Designs. As a designer, I am thankful for the opportunity to provide you with some wonderful, unique designs on products.

Below you can see my most recent designs I’ve created for Zazzle, and read more about what inspired me to create these designs. I have put my designs on products such as t-shirts, mugs, and labels.

Did You Know You Can Customize my Zazzle Designs?
You can customize most of these products with my designs to some extent. This includes adding names for specific events and groups to the designs. For example, a retreat used my Mother Teresa quote design Tshirts with the date and name of their retreat.

If you’re interested in having a particular design modified to create a custom product for you, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am happy to customize any of my unique Zazzle designs to meet a demand for my customers. I am also available for custom design work. You can find out more about my design services here.

Rustic Style Graduation Announcements that can be Personalized!

Getting ready to graduate my fifth child from high school, you might say I’m old hat at the whole “graduation open house” thing. Naturally, this grew towards me creating graduation announcements over at Zazzle that can be customized for your graduate. On the front, you have the information regarding the graduation party and your graduate. …

Rustic Style Graduation Announcements that can be Personalized! { Keep Reading }

What is a Bookplate?

One of my more popular products in my Thoughts and Designs Zazzle store is my collection of custom bookplates. The question does come up from time to time, however, “What is a bookplate?” So, What is a Bookplate? A bookplate is basically a custom book label or sticker that you stick inside of the front …

What is a Bookplate? { Keep Reading }

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