Bumper Sticker Design: Keep Calm and Read to a Child

Do you read to the kids in your life?

Many of our happiest memories as a family include reading times. As a result, we all have positive memories associated with books.

I am a huge believer in promoting literacy and reading to children. One of my passions is getting kids excited about reading. After all, reading is foundational to all other learning.

I’m proud to say that I raised five readers. Each of my adult kids loves to read. Plus, they’re frequent customers at local used bookstores and libraries.

I consider that a success.

Reading to my children created great memories for our whole family. We loved to gather around and read great books. I believe it’s important to read to your kids. Crucial even.

Read to a Child Bumper Sticker Design

I designed this bumper sticker for a campaign a friend was involved in.

Later the private school that had this campaign some ten years ago allowed me to sell this design in my Zazzle store, so everyone can promote childhood literacy and reading aloud to kids.

This design is available on Bumper stickers and other items at Zazzle.

Custom Designs Available

Finally, if you need any custom designs done, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m here to help.

Read to a Child Bumper Sticker

Read to a Child Bumper Sticker

by ThoughtsandDesigns

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