Brand Yourself

Personal and business branding goes beyond having a logo created.

Your brand is what you show the world, both as an artist or creative entrepreneur and as a person. It's being your authentic self. Of course, logos are involved at some point too, and as an experienced Logo Designer, I'd love to help craft your logo. In the meanwhile, read more about branding and logos here.

Branding isn’t just for big corporations

One of the biggest fallacies I find among creative entrepreneurs is the idea that branding is something reserved just for huge businesses and corporations, rather than little ‘ole them.

Branding — or consistent branding — is really about how you present yourself whether you’re a business or an individual. It’s about communicating who you are and what you are all about through a consistent brand you’ve created.

My brand is about explaining sometimes-complicated topics like starting your own website or fixing your mindset or becoming more productive in simple, plain-English wording in a way that my fellow creatives can relate. It’s talking about topics that are usually presented in a stuffy manner and making them a little more fun and easier to understand.

With this brand ethic in mind, I create images and videos that match this particular vibe.

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Branding – establishing the vibe you want to give off – isn’t about being something you aren’t. If anything, it’s all about presenting your true, authentic self consistently. It’s about reaching your tribe – your target audience – by allowing who you really are to speak to who they really are too.

We cannot be all things to all people. We can try, but we’ll eventually burn out.

Why? Because we won’t be living authentically. It takes far less effort to just be who you are, and let who you are reach out to those you are best suited to serve than to try to appeal to “everyone”.

I think this is where many of us, myself included, start to struggle. It’s scary to put your real, authentic self “out there”. However, it’s easier to reach your target audience when your branding resonates with them at all levels.

My husband, for example, has no problem with gas station coffee because he sees coffee as a functional beverage to keep him awake. On the other hand, I judge where I buy my coffee based on more than caffeine content. I look at the logo, the look of the building, and the overall atmosphere it gives off because to me, coffee is about the whole experience.

So, what makes you unique?

Branding yourself starts with what marketers call a “unique selling proposition”. Basically, you need to stop and think, “What is it that makes me, my product or service, and what I do unique? How can I stand out and be different from the competition? What can I do better or different from the competition?”

Considering your own unique selling proposition is a great place to start when branding your business and figuring out just what your vibe is and who your tribe is – that is, your target audience.

In particular, part of branding yourself means communicating in a way that speaks to them and helps your audience understand your message. It also means figuring out your message and how you are going to demonstrate to potential customers what it is you do and why they should choose you.

Branding Does Involve Your Logo, Too

If you thought branding meant getting a logo designed, you’re right! It does. But I hope you’ve realized branding is so much more than your logo. You’ve gotta think holistically about this — your brand is all the ways you and your company presents itself.

But it does include a logo too.

The logo for your brand should work with what I’ve been talking about. The logo should represent in some small way what you are all about.

Now, you can’t communicate your entire message and unique selling proposition in a logo, but you can work with your designer to create a logo that is styled appropriately for your audience, that can fit well in social media profiles (while still being readable), that works well on signs and on business cards, in print or online, and can be quickly recognizable.

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