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Your Brand attracts the right people

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Branding—establishing the vibe you want to give off—isn’t about being something you aren’t. It’s all about presenting your authentic self consistently. It’s about reaching your tribe—your target audience—by allowing who you really are to speak to who they really are too.

We cannot be all things to all people. We can try, but we’ll eventually burn out.

Why? Because we won’t be living authentically. It takes far less effort to just be who you are and let who you are reaching out to those you are best suited to serve than to appeal to “everyone”.

I think this is where many of us, myself included, struggle. It’s scary to put your authentic self “out there”. However, it’s easier to reach your target audience when your branding resonates with them at all levels.

My husband, for example, has no problem with gas station coffee because he sees coffee as a functional beverage to keep him awake. I judge where I buy my coffee based on more than caffeine content. I look at the logo, the look of the building, and the overall atmosphere it gives off because to me, coffee is about the entire experience.

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