Free Evernote Productivity Templates to organize your life

Evernote: The Secret to Using the Evernote App to Maximize Productivity, Complete Projects, and Organize Your Life

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Struggling to Get Your Life in Order and Projects Done?

Evernote: The secret to using the Evernote app to maximize productivity, complete projects, and organize your life, all in one placeAs a creative person, I used to struggle to stay focused and actually complete all of the great projects I came up with. I was great at starting them, but not so great at finishing them.

This is a major issue for creative people like me. We tend to have far more new ideas than we can reasonably act on. Without exercising some discipline, I could easily waste my life distracted by new ideas and new information, flitting from project to project but never completing any of them. I needed a way to record the ideas and then move on.

For a while, I used a bullet journal to keep my life organized. A few years ago, I realized that Evernote can be used essentially as a digital bullet journal for me, and it works much more effectively.

Then I discovered a secret that I share with you in this eBook.

That secret is the free app, Evernote!

As a freelancer, I’ve been using this app for years to keep track of my ideas, projects, deadlines, and client needs all in one handy place. I use it to create templates, to-do lists, and to bookmark important information relative to my projects. I plan my content in it, develop my marketing strategies, and even store those crazy “Someday” ideas for my Bucket List.

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up Evernote as the ultimate planner that works for you!
  • Use Evernote to get more done
  • Avoid distraction and stay focused
  • Store all those great ideas you have
  • Integrate with other apps like Gmail, Todoist, and Google Calendar
  • Set up Reminders so you don’t miss important deadlines
  • Create to-do lists that are linked to the relevant project notes
  • File important information you use frequently so you can find it easier
  • Keep your goals and purpose in mind

…and more!

This ebook is available for $0.99 for a limited time (regularly priced $4.99). Grab your copy today at and let me show you how to get more done!

If you prefer to read paper books, this book is also available in paperback for $9.99 at Amazon.

Free Evernote Templates for you to Use

To use these templates, click to open them. They will open the web version of Evernote. Save them to your account, in the notebook of your choice. As I mention in my ebook, I strongly recommend having a notebook stack titled “Templates”. Keep a “clean” copy of each template, so you always have it. Make a copy of the template and rename it whenever you want to use it.

Monthly Calendar Template

Mission Statement Worksheet Template 

Goals Worksheet Template 

Napoleon Hill’s “Principles of Success” as a Chart Template

Napoleon Hill’s “Self Analysis” as a Chart Template


Read more about how to focus on what is really important to you. 

Free Evernote Productivity Templates to organize your life

Free Evernote Productivity Templates to organize your life

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