Books and Ebooks by Kimberly Eddy

I am re-editing some of my older books and ebooks to update the information in them, and revise them. Below are the books available on Amazon, with links for more information about them. These books and ebooks are available for Amazon Kindle or as paperbacks.

I write and create from my experience helping other entrepreneurs and WAHM wannabes. My writings focus on the more practical aspects of *how* to make your side hustle a reality and living a productive life.

What Kind of Ebooks Do I Write?

You’ll find ebooks (some going through major updates) to help you:
:: Get more done without sacrificing what matters most to you
:: Save money relatively painlessly so you can invest in your future
:: Having a better work-life balance
:: What you need to launch your own web presence
:: Raising great kids
… and more.

You can visit my author page for more information, or click on the book image below for more information AND some great freebies to go with each book!

Put Your Budget on a Diet: Trim the Fat from Your Household Budget with these 21 Steps to Saving More Money
Evernote:The Secret to Using the Evernote App to Maximize Productivity, Complete Projects, and Organize Your Life
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