Books and Ebooks

By Kimberly Eddy

I write and create from my experience helping other entrepreneurs and WAHM wannabes. My writings focus on the more practical aspects of *how* to make your side hustle a reality as well as living a productive life.

I've been working on some upcoming books just for entrepreneurs like you who want to take their side hustle online. Stay tuned for more information as those books are currently with the editor.

Each of my books are available in print as paperbacks or as Kindle ebooks over at You can see a complete list at my Amazon Author Page.

You’ll find ebooks (some going through major updates) to help you:

  • Get more done without sacrificing what matters most to you
  • Save money relatively painlessly so you can invest in your future
  • Having a better work-life balance
  • What you need to launch your own web presence
  • Raising great kids

… and more.

You can visit my author page for more information about the books I’ve written and a complete list of my published works. Each of my books are available as paperbacks or as Kindle eBooks.

Put Your Budget on a Diet

When we try to save money, we have to make sacrifices somewhere. Those cuts have to happen somewhere. Unfortunately for us, we usually wind up making cuts to something that matters to us. This makes it difficult to stick to our budget diet.

Well, I don’t like that method of saving money! Wouldn’t it be better to trim back your household budget without making sacrifices that hurt so much

That’s at the heart of Put your Budget on a Diet, my book with 21 Action Steps to help you look at other parts of your household budget and find places to save more money.

Grocery Savings Survival Guide

Do you need more grocery savings in your life without compromising health or quality?

If you are anything like me, when you’re busy, stressed, and frazzled you usually also run on autopilot. Eventually, you find yourself tired, hungry, and meandering through the grocery store without a plan. Before you know it, you’ve spent more than you intended to, and you aren’t even sure what’s for dinner.

I developed most of the strategies I’m going to teach you in the Grocery Savings Survival Guide during a season of hardcore penny-pinching. This book is available in Print and Kindle at

Read more about the Grocery Savings Survival Guide here.


For a while, I used a bullet journal to keep my life organized. A few years ago, I realized I could use Evernote as a digital bullet journal for me, and it works much more effectively.

Then I discovered a secret that I share with you in this eBook.

That secret is the free app, Evernote!

As a freelancer, I’ve been using this app for years to keep track of my ideas, projects, deadlines, and client needs all in one handy place. I use it to create templates, to-do lists, and to bookmark important information relative to my projects. I plan my content in it, develop my marketing strategies, and even store those crazy “Someday” ideas for my Bucket List.

This book is available as a book and a Kindle ebook over at Read more about it here.