I’m Kimberly

I'm a graphic and web designer, serial entrepreneur, and productivity junkie from Michigan’s thumb.

On this site, I don't just want to tell you about my design services.

I want to help you understand what you need with regard to your website, branding, social media and advertising.

I’m not only sharing my knowledge of design with you, but also the wisdom I’ve gained over the years as a creative professional.

Your Website

What you need to know, in plain English, about taking your dream online and how to start your own website.

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Your Mindset

Start silencing that inner critic by banishing self-doubts and limiting beliefs. You’ve got this!

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Your Brand

Logos, Design, and figuring out who you are – for new entrepreneurs, creatives, and non-designers.

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Your Focus

Being productive isn’t just doing more, but doing the right things. Let’s get more done while enjoying the journey.

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Books by Kimberly Eddy

Besides providing design services and consulting, I am a published author.

I write and create from my experience helping other entrepreneurs and WAHM wannabes. My writings focus on the more practical aspects of *how* to make your side hustle a reality and living a productive life.

My books are about the same topics you find on this website:

  • How to take your side hustle online effectively
  • Creating a memorable brand for yourself and your business
  • How to be more productive without sacrificing what matters the most
  • How to use a positive mindset to fulfill your dreams

Find out more about the books and ebooks by Kimberly Eddy here.

Let’s Keep in Touch!

Confession time: I don’t send out my email newsletter too regularly, unless I have something I really need to say.

I hate spam, and I hate cluttered up inboxes. I have no intention of cluttering up yours with mindless twaddle.

My email newsletter only goes out when I have a new book going out or some new article or project I’m super excited about. You’ll hear from me once a month, most of the time.

I have a special freebie for you just for signing up! I have a short e-workbook called 7 Crucial Questions Everyone Must Answer before Starting a Website. I wrote this after years of helping fellow entrepreneurs take their side hustles and creative endeavors online. These are things I feel you must figure out before you start your website project if you want it to be a success. Yours free just for signing up below!

7 Questions Everyone Must answer before starting a website