Logo Design

I’m one of those crazy logo design nerds who geeks out about a good quality logo when I’m out in public. When I see a great logo, I’m more likely to try a product or service. I’ve even been known to choose a restaurant or coffee shop based on the logo. I’m a weirdo like that.
I bring this same passion for quality, affordable Logo Design to my business from home clients. I love developing logos for work from home moms, small businesses, organizations, and ministries. You can see below some recent samples of my logo design work.
As a logo designer and corporate identity developer, I strongly believe that a logo needs to not just look good on your designer’s computer screen and in their portfolio, but a good quality logo should look good in whatever format you, the client, plan to use it in. A good logo should speak to your customers, and not just to my own personal aesthetic. I believe if a logo doesn’t work well in black and white, it’s not going to work well once we start adding color and texture. I incorporate this philosophy of logo design when I sit down to create your brand identity too. If you are in need of a logo for your small business or organization, I’d love to discuss the project with you. Let me know.

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