Pink Art Deco Menu Plan for Monthly Menus

This free Art Deco Menu Planner in hot pink is perfect for downloading and using for planning your menu for an entire month, saving you big money. I like to have mine laminated so that I can reuse it with wet erase (vis a vis) markers.

The lovely Art Deco Menu Line art was created by me, Kimberly Eddy, in Adobe Illustrator, based a motif I saw in a vintage book a the used book store. You have to love unexpected venues of inspiration! If you’re interested, I have created a generic calendar using this same art deco motif, in the same colors, which you can view here.

If you would like me to custom design a layout for you, I do take on a limited number of design clients each year. Contact me via my Hire Me page.

There are also other calendars and menu planning calendars in the same motif located on this site.

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If you’d like to save some ink, and have this in a larger size, you can purchase a poster of this calendar in my Zazzle store, all the way up to 48″x40″! To select different sizes (and see the price change), use the drop down menu on the right side where it says “size”.

Get Your Free Pink Art Deco Style Monthly Menu planner

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