How to Make Some Extra Cash Using Pinterest

How to make extra cash using pinterest

A few months ago, my friend Christina Root (of Youthful Homemaker) created an e-course for how to make some extra money using Pinterest. 

I was intrigued for a few reasons

  1. Most of my traffic came from Pinterest, from two pins in particular. I wanted to figure out how to increase this.
  2. I couldn’t figure out how to use Pinterest as anything other than a pretty version of my Amazon Wish List
  3. Pinterest has always been, for me, a bigger time suck than Facebook
  4. I had been following her journey out of debt and excited to see the progress she was making….on Pinterest? Tell me more!

I signed up for the “Pin Your Way Out of Debt” course and was blown away by how much I learned.

Who Would Benefit from “Pin Your Way out of Debt”? 

How to make extra cash using pinterest

So who is this course for?

  • If you have been wondering how to optimize your Pinterest profile and pins to help with your blog, website, or business.
  • If you don’t have a website or blog, but want to make an income using Pinterest (and other social media) for affiliate marketing
  • If you are hoping to earn a side income without a large investment of time or money
  • It doesn’t matter how many Pinterest Followers you have.  I started with 194 followers. I jumped only to 209 followers, but I still have increased in other areas, as I’ll explain below.

The information was pretty basic about how to best set up your Pinterest profile, or how to optimize an existing one. I learned about features I didn’t even know existed!

My Results after One Month

In the month after I enacted what Christina taught me, the results have been impressive. Actually, disclaimer, I didn’t even do half of what she suggested, as I didn’t get to it, or it didn’t fit with my own goals and mission (eg, some of the affiliate programs were not a good fit for me). I just took what I learned about using Pinterest in reference to Affiliate programs, and applied it to my Zazzle products and my blog posts.

So, if you have a pre-existing business you want to promote better on Pinterest, the information in this course can also be applied to that. Primarily Christina talks about using Pinterest with the affiliate program she uses to earn a handsome sum each month.

I jumped by only 15 followers (still under 500 followers). However,

  • my average monthly views are 26,000 (up 141%).
  • my average daily impressions of pins from my own website have gone up 167%
  • my Zazzle income increased 500%
  • my Ad revenue on my blog increased around 140%

The coolest part? I spent about half as much time working on my business as before, but not only got more done in terms of content creation, but had a larger reach. Why? The lessons learned in “Pin Your Way Out of Debt”.

Learning to be More Intentional and Strategic

It goes back to working smarter, not harder.

Learning how to be more strategic with what I’m sharing  – not manipulative or “salesy”, but keeping my shares “on topic” for my brand, useful to my target audience, and, where appropriate, sharing my own resources and the affiliate links to products I find useful.

I already wrote earlier about using apps to streamline and automate my social media shares in my efforts to work smarter and not harder. Some of this I learned through “Pin Your Way Out of Debt”. Some of it I already knew but hadn’t yet enacted. Learning what I did in Christina’s course really brought all of these little ideas together for me.

More importantly, I learned how to get my Pinterest profile to be more focused for my audience (you guys!), sharing pins that would be helpful to my audience instead of just whatever flights of fancy I was having, and the end result, after just a month, is delightful.

Are Ya Ready to Get Started?

So, are you ready to learn more about how to get started using Pinterest more strategically too? Find out more about “Pin Your Way Out of Debt” here.


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