I’m Kimberly Eddy and I am a full-time graphic artist, specializing in developing beautiful logos for small businesses, businesses from home, and organizations. I’ve been creating graphic artwork and illustration for nearly 30 years now. I am a serial entrepreneur, blogger, designer, artist, developer, writer and organization/productivity junkie.
My website, Thoughts and Designs, was created with the lofty goal of providing you with my own thoughts and tips for life, and designs and tools for living it based on my own work from home experiences as well as helping other entrepreneurs with their websites and graphic design needs.  From tips to starting a home business and thoughts on setting and achieving goals, to free resources including menu planning pages and the Knowing my God devotional, I have been creating web content to bless and encourage since 2004, when this site was originally called Joyful Momma.

Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur

 I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was in my second year of college at Northern Michigan University School of Art and Design. Following graduation, I followed my wanderlust to Europe, where I backpacked across central and eastern Europe, before settling to live and work in Austria for a season.
After moving back home to Michigan, marrying my toolmaker, and having five now-adult children, my priorities became more focused on hearth and home, though I continued to provide design services as a very part time side hustle. I designed menus for small restaurants, business cards for entrepreneurs, and logos for several small businesses (and one church).
Later, as my children grew and our financial situation took a nosedive in the early 2000s, I branched out to creating dynamic websites for a wide variety of clients along with my continued logo design services, calligraphy, freelance writing, and layout design.  You can view my design work here at Thoughts and Designs. Clients have included:
  • Marie Madeline Studio (Designs for Print and Web, including Package design, Vector development for Fabric Design, and Brochures)
  • Marmee Dear (Technical assistance, graphic help, and Website assistance)
  • Wesleyan Woods Campground (Brochures and T-shirts)
  • Fostoria Baptist Church (Website Theme Development and Management)
While continuing to practice and develop my skills as an artist, I’ve created many designs now used on products in the Zazzle Marketplace. Zazzle is a print on demand company that allows designers like me to sell our designs on a variety of products, including t-shirts, bumper stickers, tote bags, and more. You can find out more about Zazzle in the posts I’ve written about my experiences with them here. You can see my Zazzle Designs here.
With the launching of Thoughts and Designs in Spring 2017, I’m launching back into full time freelancing work and content creation. with an emphasis on helping potential entrepreneurs bring their projects to life affordably as well as providing encouragement and inspiration.  As a Christian since I encountered Christ in Prague, Czech Republic, I seek to glorify God in all that I do, and how I interact with and serve others. You can read more about my Jesus here.

Where to Now?

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about me, I invite you to dive deeper at Thoughts & Designs.
If you’re not quite sure where to begin, I have a start page that will hopefully provide some guidance no matter what you’re looking for.
I’m also on social media.